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3- Designing ELT taks with YouTube videos

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Eyüp Dilber

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of 3- Designing ELT taks with YouTube videos

YouTube is a platform where you find and share
authentic video material
which can also be used in your classroom

all sorts of videos people have made of themselves, others, of TV shows, etc. and have put on the web
for everyone
to see.

Why YouTube Videos?
From Pedagogical perspective
the development of listening comprehension skills
support lexical and grammatical issues
provides cultural information
Criteria for selecting videos
1- Does the video help learners reach their learning objective(s)?

2- Does the video reflect authentic use of the target language?

3- Is the rate of speech and the type and strength of accents appropriate

4 Does it provide enough contextual clues?
Make the use of YouTube videos.
1. Copy. Then, share or email the link
How to download Youtube videos?
Only those videos explicitly allowed to download
or through some download helper extensions

How to edit YouTube videos?
use video editing software such as the
Windows MovieMaker
to edit your videos, add special features, etc
Designing ELT task with
youtube videos

1- First thing first, they are authentic.

2- Used for different learning environments
(face-to-face, distance and online learning)

3- Contain cultural elements of the target language.

4- more attractive for students, they appeal to their word
2. Embed a video into a website, a blog, Moodle, Blackboard, WebCT, etc.
2. Create a Youtube account , your own playlist on YouTube and upload your videos
How to Protect your students’ privacy?
Establish a secure YouTube channel just for your class, mostly insecure about about posting videos of themselves.
Secure just some videos and make it private.
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