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Presentation at UNL by LISA Director Eric Vance on how the LISA 2020 program to build statistics capacity and education+research+outreach infrastructure in developing countries is a model program for the 21st Century Global Land Grant University.

Eric Vance

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of 2016JSM.EPOSCL

August 1, 2016
The Extraordinary Potential of Statistical Collaboration Laboratories
Dr. Eric Vance
Dept. of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado Boulder
Statistical Collaboration Laboratories focus on three activities:
1. Training statisticians to become
effective collaborative statisticians
2. Providing infrastructure for enabling
and accelerating research and making sound business & policy decisions
3. Improving statistical skills and
statistical literacy widely
How do we institutionalize statistical collaboration
in the practice of statistics?
Upgrade academic
statistical consulting centers by focusing on training students
Vance, E.A. (2015) “Recent Developments and Their Implications for the Future of Academic Statistical Consulting Centers,”
The American Statistician.

—statisticians working
with domain experts
“Statistical Collaboration”
For further discussion
please attend the
Committee on Applied Statisticians
sponsored panel:
“A Roadmap for Promoting Statistical Collaboration”
Tuesday 8:30-10:20AM, CC-W183a
Create a Network of Statistical Collaboration Laboratories
1. Create new statistical collaboration laboratories
2. Upgrade existing statistical consulting centers
3. Share best practices within networks and subnetworks
“My involvement in LISA had a strongly positive impact on my professional career and personal life.
Academically, it provided me with real-world applications of the statistical theory that we learned in our classes, which gave me a stronger understanding of the practical applications of the theory.
Professionally, my time in LISA developed my ability to interact with clients, communicate statistical concepts in terms they understand, and provide results that they actually need rather than results they initially think they need.”
223 statistical collaborators trained in LISA at Virginia Tech 2008-2016
R Workshop: 42 participants
Statistics for Social Sciences
189 (paid) attendees
20 new Stat Labs by 2020
I will be creating a new statistical collaboration laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder
Department of
Applied Mathematics
1 of the new rooms
Stay tuned!
Extraordinary potential of
statistical collaboration laboratories!
and achieve research, business,
government goals.
Building a network with regional sub-networks in N. America
to create solutions to research,
business, government problems
—anonymous LISA student
August 1, 2016

The Extraordinary Potential of Statistical Collaboration Laboratories
Dr. Eric Vance
Dept. of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado Boulder

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