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Gender-neutral washrooms

No description

Amber S-R

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Gender-neutral washrooms

Gender-neutral washrooms
Benefit lots of people (i.e. those with different gender children or attendants/caregivers)
Are particularly for
gender non-conforming folks
Washrooms... that everyone can use
Don't segregate
based on labels (i.e. "men", "women")
Don't require people to identify their gender upon entry
Everyone needs to go, and gender isn't binary—some people aren't men
reduce the risk of harm
: stares, violence, health consequences, harassment, etc.
of trans and gender non-conforming folks
experience problems
using segregated washrooms

"Guys are messy!"
Cleanliness isn't gender-based, and gender-neutral washrooms tend to be cleaner—users know they're shared spaces. You probably do it all the time at home.
Comfort should not take precedence over safety. Besides, we're all adults, and no one's here to look at your bits. Users are expected to follow the same norms of appropriate bathroom use. Anything criminal or inappropriate is still criminal or inappropriate.
Brought to you by:
Your resource and support service for all things sexual orientation and gender identity.
Chat with us online anonymously 7 days a week from 5-10 pm at

Some people often feel uncomfortable when using segregated restrooms. Female/male sex-segregated bathrooms are not accessible spaces that everyone can use. Many people are subject to harassment, intimidation, legal charges, and violence on an every day basis.
-Heartland Trans* Wellness Group
Transgender, genderqueer, and/or gender non-conforming people are particularly affected by bathroom segregation because of the visible gender differences that may not correlate with cultural gender norms. Even in cities, towns, and campuses that are generally considered “liberal” places where it is “easier” to be gender non-conforming, many people are still harassed in both women’s and men’s washrooms.
-Heartland Trans* Wellness Group
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