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Social Engineering and Phishing: How to avoid taking the bait

Social Media Club of Kansas City - May Breakfast

Marc Vasquez

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Social Engineering and Phishing: How to avoid taking the bait

Social Engineering and Phishing:
How to avoid taking the bait

SMCKC May Breakfast | May 5, 2017
Our hope today is to scare you....
...but leave you more educated and equipped
What is social engineering?
How does it happen?
Let's see it in real-time
What are some examples?
How to we help prevent taking the bait?
What is social engineering?
An in-person or online attack used to trick individuals into breaking normal security measures or routines with the goal of:
Gain/use/sell your personal data
Identity theft
Hurting you for bragging rights
What does social engineering look like?
What do we know?
I can share that....right?
Full name
Home address
Email address
Passport number
IP address
License plate number
Driver’s license number
Face photo
Handwriting (like signature)

Login name (gamer tag)
Screen name
Chromebook login
iTunes login
Family names (outside)
Doctor’s name
Date of birth
Telephone number
Don't share
your data
Fake customer service
accounts on Twitter
Fake online discounts
"LOWE'S is giving Free $50 coupons for EVERYONE! to celebrate Mother's Day!"
Clicking on the Facebook ad takes you to a page with the Lowe's logo and a short survey
Just fill out the survey to get the coupon, right?
So, what can we do?
Thumbprint | Back of the ear | Veins in the whites of the eye
Speech patterns | How you walk and type | Heartbeat
Goonies never say die.
It's the IRS! Pay now!
Send money! I've been arrested!
Fraudulent accounts across social channels
increased by 100 percent from the third to fourth quarter of 2016.

Legitimate accounts sent more private messages than ever...
however, with customers becoming more used to them it makes phishing even easier.
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