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Caleb Wright

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of MRP

M onthly R eading P roject By: Caleb Wright Goosebumps It came from beneath the sink Kat and her brother are moving into the old house
on the hill tha is "haunted".
as the kids are unpacking
they find the most odd
sponge like thing.... under the
sink. In the book of "Mistical
Miths" thay find that the sponge will bring them bad luck, FOR EVER!!
Somthing that I liked was that the sponge laughed each time he gave bad luk to Kat.
I disliked nothing and would change the part where the weakness of the sponge is is love. I would make the weakness hate. I would recomm end this book to any horrer seekers!

Frankenstein Sherlock Holmes Goosebumps Chicken Chicken Authors R.L. Stine R.L. Stine bozsdfigha ;aletpcueyrtp8 The End This book is about a scientist named Victor
Frankenstein. As a kid Frankenstien was obsessed
with science and the world around him. He and his adopted sister never fought. As Victor grew older his fasination of science stayed with him.
When Victor went of to college he exceled in every thing. Frankenstien had many Questoins about the human body and how it works. One of his biggest questions was "Is it possible to create human life"? In his lab Frankenstien worked day and night to create life. After 2 years of nonstop work frankenstien he had done it! The crecher had become alive and broken out of the lab! He was mad at Victor for making him so ugly. I like the fact that the book was scary and really good. I disliked the fact that it was scary too. I probobley would write the book longer. I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone!!

Crystal hates chikens.
But after she makes a
which mad she will become
one! I didn't like or dislike this
story. I wouldn't change anything
and would recommend this book to any body. Just a regular book.
Sherlock holmes is about the adventures and mysteries of holmes and his assistant Mr. Watson.
I liked the fact that this book had a bunch of mysteries vs. one. I disliked the part of when the murder happend Watson totaly blamed his enemy.
I recommend this book to mystery lovers April
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