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Marketing 300- Pizza Hut

No description

Sanchi Khare

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing 300- Pizza Hut

Place Promotion Competitors Strengths Weaknesses Threats Suburbs and cities
Restaurants and take-out Tv ads
Social media
Online ads
Mobile Classic,fun, and lively Market share: Pizza Hut (14%),Domino's (8%), Papa Johns (6%), Little Ceasars (3%), and independent pizza restaurants (51%) Pizza Hut The 4 P's Price Product Customer Company SWOT Analysis Opportunities Current Marketing Strategy New Marketing Strategy THe 3 C's Quick and easy dinner solutions
Pizza, Pasta, Wings, Appetizers, Desserts Low and simplistic pricing
Standard bills i.e. $5/$10 deals Families and working parents, sports enthusiasts, male college students Appeals well to target audiences
Full service restaurant and delivery
High variety/quality
Largest pizza market share
Social media Domino’s advertisement as the new and improved version & pizza tracker
Domino’s more receptive to current economy
Domino’s targets rising Hispanic population more effectively
America is becoming more health conscious Not genuine commercials
Too simplistic
Limited demographic Expanding market demographic, through market development Presented by the JETS oseph Keuler lena Elfimova ara Polterman anchi Khare Simplistic and broad
"Your favorite, your Pizza Hut!"
Easy, cheap, and varietous
Becoming more health conscious Expanding target demographic

Using humor instead of sincerity http://www.franchisedirect.com/foodfranchises/pizzafranchises/pizzafranchiseindustryreport2010/80/275
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