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Social Media Prezi

Use this template to create a birds eye view of your desk

Gary Mullin

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Prezi

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Welcome to your Social Media desk


Best Practice Guide

Integrated Online Networks (ION) Ltd

Allows an organisation to use fun, interactive, and oftentimes different content than it might be able to use with traditional print media and a corporate website.

The company becomes available to its target market in a personable and accessible way.

Ideal environment for nurturing relationships and connecting with people relevent to the service provided.

Breaks through the communication clutter by engaging in dialogue
ION is a sytem which can be used by any organisation to integrate all social media platforms in a tactical approach.

Allows the delivery of innovative, engaging and enjoyable content to its audience.

Improves the flow of delivering content to fans, thus encouraging continued growth and improved performance in a social media setting.
The ION System
Deliver a unified message across all social networks

Developed from traditional marketing practice techniques

Leverages the brand across all social networks

Facilitates the implementation of marketing activities across all platforms

Allows management to more effectively analyse a company's audience to identify engagement figures across all social platforms.

Allows for the easy integration of offline marketing activities into an online environment.
Reasons for using the system
Specific benefits
Increase marketing efficiencies.

Save money normally spent on traditional marketing activities.

Save time.

Maximize existing resources.

Improve customer service.

Reduce customer churn.

Increase loyalty and develop brand advocates.
Services Offered with ION
A full range of services are provided including:



Outsourced Social Media Management

Social Media Content Development
Overall Aim
Help take the practice of social media marketing in Ireland to a new level through the use of simple, original, and efficient techniques.

Educate organisations and businesses in idustries not typically associated with digital marketing on how to use social media in a manner which benefits their organisation, leading to increased exposure, competitive advantage and a bright new future.
The Social Media Revolution
Illustrate the revolution of Social Media

Outline the importance of Social Media to a study on encouraging behavioural change among Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.

Introduce some social media platforms used by young adults.

Introduce you to the ION way of thinking

Select appropriate platform for your customers

Develop content appropriate for each platform

Listen and respond promptly

Engage and be social

Social Media is about PEOPLE
Some Benefits
DO select the most appropriate social platforms

DO target the content according to your audience

DO inform, entertain and interact

DO listen to what people are saying

DO maintain and control your online presence
DON’T use it exclusively for self promotion

DON’T ignore negative reviews

DON’T post too much; less is more

DON’T overemphasise your praise

DON’T neglect offline customers
Inform, Entertain and Interact
What does Social Media offer?
The Platforms
800 million users everyday.

Essential tool in any marketing toolbox.

Brand/Organisation becomes available to people on a trusted, popular platform, where individuals see 'real' people (friends, family, colleagues) interacting with you individually or with you as a brand.

It is a combination of a PR department and online fan club.

Showcases the brand to customers, fans and competitors.

Gives an organisation greater brand visibility.
Other Social Media Channels and Tools to Consider
General Rules of Engagement
1. Use Social Media Channels As Intended

2. Don’t Spam

3. Assume People Don’t Care About The Service

4. Have A Personality

5. Provide Context When Seeking Connections

6. Be Transparent

7. Talk About The Topic

8. Social Media Profiles Are Not Billboards

9. Be Nice
Self-Promotion vs.
Building and Army of Advocates
Brand advocates talk to their friends

Produce natural positive recommendations from people who never need to be compensated

These relationships pay dividends of goodwill and increased sales well into the future

Having honest, regular people who are not employed by the company defend the brand can improve bad situations

Hence, they are … credible
Principles of Social Media Marekting Success (PARC)
Participate - interact, answer questions, and thank those who respond

Authentic - people do business with firms they know, like, and trust

Resourceful - present useful and relevant content or helpful information

Credible - building a reputation for knowledge and expertise in the field, and building a brand’s trustworthiness
Thank You
Over 200 million users and one of the 10 most popular sites on the internet.

Founded on Principle of a 'Short Message Service' SMS.

Maximum no. characters allowed is 140.

Acts more as a constant news feed compared to a blog or forum.

Ability to 'retweet' can allow for large amounts of exposure.
Social Media Objectives & Outcomes
Content should create value and ultimately be helpful to the study.

Retweeting helpful material is good, but ideally you will look to develop your own informational material.

Followers may avail of all news and commentary on new events, information or tests as well as competitions (if any).

Provides a location where you can interact with anyone and provide a view on recent events occurring in the world.

Twitter is used to comment on the most popular trends in order to develop a strong following and awareness.
Creation of an interactive page where its audience can interact with the company by commenting on:




Links to other social media pages, websites, Blog (If any).
How to reach young adults in Ireland
Integrated Online Networks (ION) Ltd
What do we do?
Integration of a social media presence tailored to your requirements.

Content usage is maximised to develop an entire brand platform.

A strategic engagement process is developed which integrates all relevant social media platforms into a time efficient system.
Quick Intro
Take Home Message
A social media presence is necessary for growing brand awareness.

Selecting the most appropriate social networks for the company/study is based on who and where the target market are.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the most relevant social networks to reach Young Irish Adults.

Use content which informs, entertains and welcomes online interaction.

Look at what other groups/studies are doing online and see if it could apply yours.

Look at what is working for you and what is not.

Measure the progress using analytic tools.

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