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Copy of Daily Life for Kids In Ancient Greece

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Jeremy Chettinger

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Daily Life for Kids In Ancient Greece

Daily Life For kids in
Ancient Greece

Education for students
Fashion That
Kids Wear
Homes That Kids Lived In
Boys and girls would usually wear a tunic known as a a
. Tunics were made out of wool that the girls and their mothers made. The wealthy would often make their tunics from silk in the colors of blue, pink, purple and yellow. Kids usually dressed like their parents.

Children walked barefoot if they were poor and children that were weathly wore leather sandals or boots. In colder temperatures children wore cloaks. Girls wore shawls called himation. In those times. some children didn't wear clothes. On special events girls wore jewelery if they were wealthy.

Homes only had one door and small windows. Bigger homes have more rooms and some storage space .To make the house look pretty sometimes the walls in the house where painted or had decorative mosaics. In the middle of homes there was a courtyard, where the family spends their most time. Homes had a room called andron where men or boys can only go in. Girls stayed at the back and upstairs.Boys stayed in the front Houses where made out of mostly stone or even clay .Houses were mostly one or two stories high and roofs were made out of tiles, or reeds. Houses had tiles to keep the house cool. Bigger homes had a kitchen, a room to take a bath, dining room for men or boys, and sometimes women sitting area. Bigger homes had a high gate and walls that where strong to keep thieves out. Furniture was
Most schools were reserved for weathly boys. Girls were usually taught at home by their mother. Students had to pay for their education, meaning even poor males received little education. +

There were three types of schools grammatistes,kitharistes,and paidotribes . Grammatistet were reading, writing and arithmetic schools. Kitharistes was where a boy would study music and poetry. At the Paidotribes boys were taught how to do dancing and athletics.
Food/Drink That Kids Ate In Ancient Greece
The poor ate porridge, soups or dishes made from veggies for example peas and beans. Lettuces and cabbages where rarely eaten.

Cakes and breads were baked in dome shaped ovens. Fresh and dried fruits like dates were very popular. Childrend drank water or milk from goats.

Greeks used honey from bees they kept to sweeten there food. Greeks didn't know about rice or potatoes.

Most meals where outside in the courtyard of the house. Quail, pheasants, foxes, wild pigs, deer’s, bears, and hare were food that dogs hunted for the Greeks.
made out of wood by people. Servants had a room on the second story. Rich families have a bathroom and sometimes when its cold Greeks lit the lamps with oil burnings. The lamps where made out of silver, bronze, or in poor families pottery. Lastly floors where made out of mosaic or plaster.
Pets & Toys For Kids In Ancient Greece
Sports and Entertainment


cient Greece
Kids Hairstyles In Ancient Greece
Greek boys cut their hair very short, unless if they where a solider fighting for the country.

Girls curled their hair and scented it with waxes or lotions.Girls hair could also be long with braids or a ponytail .

Blond hair was rare and was admired.Headbands that where made out of ribbon were very popular In 449 BC the style of pinning hair began and girls pinned their hair in a knot or a bun.

There four hairstyles that girls or boys wore, one was the Krobylon a hairstyle with hair gathered together and pined or tied over your forehead. The Kepos was a bowl hair cut that was used for youth and slaves. The theseid was a prob-mullet that was a short in the front and long at the back. Lastly there was the hectorean which were curls bunched together.
Greek babie toys where rattles, baby dolls, and
little clay

. Girls were encouraged to juggle because of their motor skills .

Toys where made out of stone and wood. There is a certain age when you have to stop playing with toys and that was seven .

Birds, dogs, and goats where popular pets. Some other popular pets where tortoises, and mice .The Greeks didn't give their pet food if it was a dog. Dogs were expected to hunt their own food

Lastly Greeks had
nkeys, turtles, rabbits as pets to keeps themselves
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