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Human Impact On Australian Rainforests

No description

Moira Arena

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of Human Impact On Australian Rainforests

Scientist Impact On Australian Rainforests
Rainforest Destruction, Cut-down trees, human impact happening on our most pristine environments; Rainforests. Good Morning/Afternoon Mr. Jarrett and fellow peers. Today, Jenny, Ann-maria and Myself will be talking about how scientists research in Australian Rainforests. Remember to listen throughout the presentation since there is a quiz at the end. Hope you enjoy and lets begin!
What Are The Benefits Of This Research And Do They Outweigh The Environmental Effects In This Pristine Environment?
Scientists do a lot of research on tropical rainforests to try to improve our understanding of the unique plants and animals that live there. This research can take many different forms.There are many benefits of scientists researching in Australian Rainforests. This is in spite of them wanting their research to have an applied impact on this pristine environment. Having them hoping to have an applied environmental impact, the scientists have made the research outputs open. Having the impacts work on the rainforest environment can make a big change and difference. Some environmental benefits would be ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, waterways, climate change, etc. The growing demand for responsibly produced forest and agricultural goods -- like the wood, coffee, fruit, tea and paper we use every day -- offers producers a powerful incentive to protect the Earth’s natural resources. By independently certifying that these items are being produced sustainably, we align market forces with global conservation goals.The new methods we are developing to assess the impacts of our work show that these businesses are good neighbors to the ecosystems in which they operate.
How Do Humans Impact Australian Rainforests?
Some ways humans impact on Australian rainforest is by Logging, Farming, Development, Mining and Tourism. Logging affect Australian rainforest because if the people go and log down all the trees and the their made resources for money there will no longer be a rainforest where the logged. If after logging, there are no trees left some animals might die out because they lost their habitats during the process of logging.Farming affects and lot of rainforests, thing is mostly done for the agriculture. The farming wipes out most of the rainforests meaning cutting down and also fire. The fire is used to burn down the forest and regenerate the soil but serious incidents might happen to the humans and the animals in the rainforest.Development is affecting the rainforests because people destroy large acres of rainforest to build cities roads and houses. All this infrastructure destroys animals habitats, rare plants and vegetation.Mining is a big problem because for mining the have to dig up the forest floor that might destroy and floor vegetation. This might also mean to blow up the ground.
What Do Scientists Research in Australian Rainforests? & How Do They Do This?
The scientist are researching things like the way tropical rainforests in Australia are restricted in extent. They are also looking at expanding the development pressure from the growing of the populations that increases the demands on ecosystems, including the increased land and water request for recreational, agriculture, tourism and urban use. Manager and planners have identified the need for information and tools for making decisions at a lot of different scales ranging to get from good planning for bio-region to design and monitor at local, site scales. Their overriding need is to find ways to achieve eco friendly sustainable ways to develop balances ecologically, economically and socially for the values of the rainforests itself and some surrounding land. the program applies innovative research to make sure the tools necessary is delivered for efficient planning. They also need management at a range of scales and links with other programs to show a meaning of scientific research to help the management and planning for landowners and the government developers.
Why Is This Important For The Rest Of The World?
Rainforests are important for the rest of the world because they (‘they’ being the rainforests) absorb our carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen,they can help stabilize the world’s climate, can protect us against floods, droughts and erosion's, are a great source of medicines and foods, can maintain the water cycle, rainforests also house INCREDIBLE amounts of flora fauna, produce nourishing rainfall all around the earth and they are generally interesting to visit.

Should this be allowed to continue?

Are there alternative methods for interacting with rainforests that would decrease our environmental footprint and preserve this pristine environment?
By: Moira, Ann-Maria and Jenny
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Thank You For Watching!!
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