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Marxist Criticism

No description

chelly botello

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Marxist Criticism

Years after WWII, China is facing major changes as the chinese communist party wins the civil war against the chinese nationalists. Situations in the government occur as the communist party takes over major chairs. It is said the whole country may be fully communist in 1970's. The father of communism himself, Karl Marx, has not died as his theories and principles enlighten China and change continues to prosper in the nation. The goal of china is to overthrow all non communists, so a united Utopia can finally be granted.
The oppressed.
Q/A : Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hester Prynne, The Scarlet Letter.
Q: How did Janie's situation benefit her?

A: Well, Janie's strong character at the end of the book would not have been if Janie did not go through all she did. The people who criticized her never affected her and she used her struggles to become a stronger women who realized that she doesn't need any money or high class position to be happy.
Q: Why didn't Janie just refuse to marry her first husband if she didn't love him?
A: Janie's grandmother submitted Janie into the marriage with Logan Killicks because she wanted "security" for her. Janie's grandmother had this idea in her head that in order for Janie not to end up like her mother she had to be viewed as a respectable woman beside a respectable man of high class. But even then Janie was not respected. So she was basically forced into a marriage that made her unhappy.

Q: Why did Janie put up with the mean women in Eatonville for so long?
A: Janie never paid attention to what the other nosy women said and never let their comments towards her affect her. The town’s women value the traditional southern way of life, which Janie wanted no part of which is why they looked down on her but she didn't care because she only wanted to be happy but not like that. They always judged her hoping that some day she would fall to their level be she still never cared for what they said.
We are so convinced that the higher power in our society is helping us, but how are we so sure? Hester Prynne knows first hand how government in a society always finds a way to oppress the oppressed. She, in this example, is the oppressed. Because of her class rank, she lives under punishment while her accomplice goes on freely because he is at a higher standing, a minister. Karl Marx theory that the oppressor's oppress the already oppressed to stay higher than them, which proves itself true to Hester's Case.
Monday, November 10, 1952
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Janie Crawford, Their Eyes... God
Women with Courage
You can see the relationship between class and race in the book
Their Eyes Were Watching God
by Zora Neale Hurston. Janie Crawford, a poor African American woman approaching middle age is confronting a capital that is all about Social Control. In the society that Janie lives in you are respected by how high class you are not by your personality. Your social class determines how you get treated. Janie was put into submission by both of her ex husbands. She is dehumanized and oppressed by her first marriage where she is used as a sex object and the second she is used as a trophy wife. They control her personality because they are in control of her environment. In my opinion the black capitalists do not provide security nor recognition. Only Tea Cake and his fellow poor workers actually respected Janie and put her person over her class. In the end, the greedy people always talked bad about her no matter her class.
Janie Crawford from
Their Eyes Were Watching God
and Hester Prynne from
the Scarlett letter
were two strong females that were oppressed by their society and relationships but were able to get through all their hardships with the help of no one. Both women were judged by societies that had different views on respect. When it came down to it, it was always both women who were being judged, not the people who also contributed to the situations that they were in. They were used by men for their own selfish reasons but were viewed as the ones to blame for their misfortune. No one ever respected them and never viewed them as anything other than women with many faults. I feel like women such as Hester Prynne and Janie Crawford should be role model's to other women and how women don't need anyone to help them be great because if these two women held their own then so can all other women. Both women were never respected by their communities, because they thought that they were better than Hester and Janie. Don't let other's bring you down because of your social position or because they view you as an unworthy person. No one's perfect and do what makes you happy.
Sociological/Marxist Criticism Today
Marxism on the Rise
Discrimination or Honest Mistake?
Everything is and has been motivated by social, political or economic gain between the oppressed and oppressing. Karl Marx, a German Philosopher was born May 5, 1818 and died May 18 1883 was he primary theorist in developing this theory through analyzing human history. According to Marxist Criticism, literature pieces are a direct projection of the economic, political, social and ideological elements of the time. Things that may catch this scholars attention in literature works are the representations of of social class, oppression, and whether or not it serves as propaganda. In today's paper we will be viewing Marxism in different aspects through clearly analyzed works of
Their Eyes Were Watching God
The Scarlet Letter
March 9, 1904 - January 10, 1948
Business Opportunities. Don't Waste Them
In Their Eyes Were Watching God the Marxist Theory is put into practice time and time again when comparing Bourgeoisie and Proletariat. "What Ad got tuh do eid dat? Ah'm ah workin' man wid money in mah pocket. Jus' got blowed outa de' Glades by de storm." In this quote Tea Cake is being forced by white men into labor because he is mistaken for a poor, working class man. Although he tries to make it clear that he is a man of money and financially equal to the white men, they disregard his attempts due to the racial differences and discrimination. This gives us an insight into the era this book was written. The African Americans were frowned upon and seen as the lesser race or Proletariat when compared to the white people who in this scenario represented dominance or Bourgeoisie. Tea Cake knows how it feels like to be oppressed by the oppressors socially and economically even when he has escalated economically.
Victim of Sociological Marxism.
Somewhere between being an oppressor and manipulating the minds of his personal laborers, Joe became too big for his britches. Although he exploited the poor for his own benefits, his supporters continued to cling to his side all the way up to his death.
Karl Marx
The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.
-Karl Marx
Featured Book: Their Eyes were Watching God
Karl Marx
A wise Man
Joe Starks
Get back to work! I'm counting on you to keep me rich!!
Of course, Mr. Starks.
How do you analyze the Itsy Bitsy Spider?
What does the Spider Symbolize?
What does the Spouse Symbolize?
What does the Rain Symbolize?
What does the Sun Symbolize?
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