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World History Time Line

No description

Ryan Mansfield

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of World History Time Line

Height of the kingdom of Ghana in Africa
Flourishing of artistic tradition in Nok region
Beginning of African state formation
Regional king of Catolonia creates a parliament
Toltecs conquer Chicen itza and influence the Yucatan 1,000 AD Toltecs in Mesoamerica 900-1200 AD Polynesians reach New Zeland
End of intermediate horizon and decline of Tihuacanaco and Huari 900 AD Mississippi River Valley culture 800-1300 AD Spread of Islam; trans-Sahara trade in Africa
Shintoism unified into single national religion in Japan 700 AD Tang dynasty 618-907 AD Sui dynasty- 589-618 AD Spread of Buddhism in Japan 580 AD Reign of Justinian: builds Hagia Sophia (532-547 AD) 527-565 AD Last Roman Emperor in West- fall of Rome 476 AD First Hun invasion 451 AD Large-scale German invasion of Western Rome with Kingdoms established by 425 AD 401 AD Chinese script imported to Japan
Growth of Mayan civilization
Polynesian reach Hawaii 400 AD Gupta Empire in India 319-535 AD Constantine: formation of Eastern Roman Empire: adoption of Christianity
Reign of Constintine 312-337 AD Second wave of Polynesian migrations fo Hawaii 300-1,000 AD Intermediate horizon period in Andes 300-900 AD Yamato claim imperial control of Japan 300-400 AD Decline of Meroe
Spread of Buddhism
Ethiopia adopts Christianity
Origins of the kingdom of Ghana 300 AD China in a state of Chaos with Hun occupation- era of the Six Dynasties 222-589 AD Anasazi in North America 200-1300 AD Mochica culture in the Andes 200-700 AD Beginning of the decline of Rome with the death of Marcus Aurelius 180 AD Height of Roman territory 101-106 AD Beginning of Han decline 88 AD Jesus crucified c.30 AD Augustus founds Roman empire 27 BC Germans begin contact with Rome
Slavs move into Eastern Europe 100 BC Roman Republic begins to decline 133 BC Reign of Han Wu Ti, increased bureacracy: examinations, spread of Confucianism 141-87 BC Greater Buddhist influence 200 BC-200 AD Initial Han dynasty; key technical developments of horse collar and water mill, and ox drawn plow (all around 200 BC) 202 BC-9 AD Qin dynasty (Shi Huangdi proclaimed first emperor of China in 221 BC) Great Wall is started, a single basic language is formed 221-202 BC Roman expansion into North Africa; Punic Wars 264-146 BC Height of the Maya 300 BC-900 AD Hellenistic period 300-100 BC Mauryan Empire 322-185 BC Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great
Alexander’s conquest
Alexander's invasion of India 327-325 BC Alexander the Great begins his regin 330 BC Era of the Warring States in China 402-201 BC Peloponnesian Wars ; decline of Greece 431-404 BC Development of Chinese calendar (c. 444 BC)
12 Tablets of law in Greece 450 BC Laozi founds Daoism
Editing of the Five Classics 500 BC Greek war with Persia; Persia defeated 500-449 BC Begging of the Roman Republic 500-450 BC Formation of Persian empire by Cyrus the Great 550 BC Period of great philosophers in China (Confucius , Laozi , Mencius, and Legalist) 551-233 BC Life of the Buddha 563-483 BC Zoroastrian religion forms in Iran (life of Zoroaster c. 630-550 AD)
Legendary ruler in Japan
End of formative period in India
Early Greek ports like the women Sapphoa 600 BC Meroe (Kush) rule in Egypt 750-600 BC Later Zhou kingdom; beginning of Chinese classical era 770-403 BC Rise of the Greek city states
Sparta and Athens become dominant 800-600 BC Chavin culture in the Andes 850-250 BC Beginning of the Maya 900 BC Germans expand southward
Polynesians reach Fiji, Samoa
Independent kingdom of Kush
Fall of Egypt
China introduces iron
Zhou begin 1,000 BC Reign of the Zhou ; introduction of a common language 1027-258 BC Hindu Vedas composed 1,200-700 BC Jews settle near the Mediterranean; first monotheistic religion
Fall of Egypt and Hitite- predominance of smaller states 1,200 BC Moses and Jewish exodus from Egypt 1,250 BC Emergence of the Shang Kingdom in China; Chinese writing develops (last until 257 BC)
First iron working in the Middle East 1,500 BC Polynesian migration
Aryans set foundations for new Indian civilization 1,500-500 BC Rise of village culture in Mesoamerica 1,700-1,300 BC Formation of the Babylonian Empire in the Middle East 1,800 BC Kotosh culture emerges in Peru
Conversion to agriculture in northern Europe and southern Africa
Germans settle in Denmark
China develops advanced technologies and intellectual life
Egyptian influence in Crete 2,000 BC Emergence of Harappa (Indus) civilization (Sanskrit) 2,500 BC Rise of Egyptian civilization (hieroglyphs) 3,100 BC Age of innovation in the Middle East: introduction of writing, bronze metalworking, the wheel, and the plow 4,000-3,000 BC Yangshao culture in China
First Copper tools 4,000 BC Domestication of Maize in Mesoamerica
Early Japanese settlement 5,000 BC Catal Huyuk (in Southern Turkey) at its peak(part of a civilization by 3,000 BC) 5,500 BC First Potter’s wheel 6,000 BC People becoming more dependent on harvest of wild plants
Sheep, goats, and cattle are domesticated 9,000 BC Middle East develops farming (Beginning of Neolithic Revelation) 10,000-8,000 BC End of Paleolithic era/ beginning of the Mesolithic era
Human ability to fashion stone tools and other implements improves greatly 12,000-8,000 BC End of the last great ice age 14,000 BC Domestication of the dog 15,000-12,000 BC Humans migrate to the southern tip of South America 25,000 BC Migration from Siberia to Alaska 30,000 BC Human’s first crossing to Australia 60,000 BC Homo Erectus develop privative speech 100,000 BC Apparent completion of basic human evolution (Homo Sapiens)
Migrations from Africa begin
Homo Sapiens displace other human species 240,000-100,000 BC Humans reach Brittan 250,000 BC Humans reach South East Asia 350,000 BC Wide spread migration of humans over Asia, Europe and Africa
Humans reach China
First use of fire 600,000 BC Development of Homo Erectus 750,00 BC Evolution of the first humanlike species in Africa 2.5 million BC Harsha’s empire 600-647 AD Rise of Axum; conversion to Christainity 300-700 AD Nasca culture in the Andes 200-500 AD Later Han dynasty: invention of paper and the compass 23-220 BC Han dynasty 202 BC-220 AD Alexander’s death and division of his empire 323 BC Height of Athenian culture; Socrates and Greek philosophical style, Pericles, Phidias, and Sophocies 470-430 BC Life of Confucius 551-478 AD Bantu migrations 800 BC-1,000 AD Founding of the Zhou dynasty (initial dynasty from 1122-700 BC) 1122 BC Beginning of Indo-European invasion of India and parts of the Mediteranean and Middle East
Fall of Babylonians 1,600 BC Other groups transition to agriculture
China develops silk weaving 8,000 BC Ryan Mansfield World History Time Line Civilization of Summer
Cuneiform alphabet 3,500-1,800 BC 1,600-1,000 BC Aryan invasion of India 1,500-1,000 BC Vedic age 1,200-700 BC Sacred vedas composed 1,000-600 BC Epic age in India: Mahabharata, Ramayana , and Upanishads composed 700-650 BC Era of unirivlaed brahman domincance 322-298 BC Reign of Chandragupta Maurya 269-232 BC Reign of Ashoka 319 AD One of the world's first universitied founded in India 535 AD Hun's overturn Gupta empire 1,700 BC IndoEuropean invasion of Greek pennisula 1,400 BC Kingdom of Mycenae; Trojan War c.700 BC Homerian epic Iliad and Odyssey written
Flowering of Greek architecture 359-336 BC Reign of Philip II of Macedonia 338-323 BC Macedonian empire 49-44 BC Julius Caesar rules c.4 BC Birth of Jesus 63 AD Forced dissolution of independent Jewish state by Romans 800-400 BC Spread of Olmec; cultivation of maize and potatoes, domestication of turkeys and dog 300 BC Rise of Axum, defeat of Kush
Ox drawn plow in China 100 AD Root crop introduced in South East through trade
Han decline 200 AD Extensive agriculture in Japan 227 AD Beginning of Sassanid Empire in Persia 284-305 AD Reign of Diocletian 370-480 AD Nomadic invasion of western Europe c.500 AD Formation of Ghana
Buddhism takes root in east and south east Asia
Huns invade India 610 AD Beginning of Islam with Muhammad's first revelation ) 570-632 AD Muhammad 634-750 AD Arab invasion of Middle East
Spread of Islam into North Africa (another range may be 600-700 AD) 661-750 AD Ummayad Caliphate (Damascus)
Life of ibn Qasim- Arab general who conquered Indus valley for Umayyads 668 AD Chinese over run Korea- Silla becomes a vassals state (lasts until 918 AD)
Korea becomes independent of Tang China 711 AD First Islamic incursion into India
Arabs and Berbers enter Spain 718 AD Byzantines defeat Arab attack on Constantinople 750 AD Founding of Abbasid caliphate (Baghdad)
Betray the Shi'as
Abbasids defeat Umayyad force led by the Caliph at the Battle of the River Zab 777 AD Begging of independent Islamis kingdoms in North Africa
Independent dynasty established in Algeria 800-814 AD Charlemagne's Empire in Western Europe
(He died in 814 AD) c. 855 AD Russian kingdom around Kiev (under Rurik king according to legend0 960-1279 AD Song Dynasty- Neo-Confucian revival- founded by Zho Kuangyin 864 AD Cyril and Methodius m(issionaries) in eastern Europe (Slavic lands) 878 AD Last Japanese embassy in China 968 AD Toltecs establish Tula 980-1015 AD Vladimir I of Russia converts himself and his country to Christianity 1054 AD Schism between Eastern and Western Christianity of Omar KhayyamSeljuk Turks overthrow Buyids for control of the Abbasid Caliphate 1055 AD 1066 AD Normans invade England under William the Conquerer
Rise of feudal monarchies in western Europe 1096-1099 AD First Christian Crusade to Palestine- called by Pope Urban II (the 3 armies assembled in Constantinople in 1097) c. 1100 AD China invents explosive powder
Almoravid movement (Islamic reformers) in the Shara 1150 AD Disintegration of Toltecs with the fall of Tula 1150-1350 AD Spread of Gothic style
Scholasticism in western Europe 1185-1333 AD Kamakura Shogunate in Japan 1200 AD Rise of the Empire of Mali in west Africa 1231-1392 AD Mongols rule Korea 1260 AD Death of Sundiata (founder of the Mali empire)
Earliest stone building at Zimbabwe
Lalibela rulers in Ethiopia
Yoruba culture in Ile-Ife
Mamluk (slave) rulers in Egypt defeat the Mongols at Ain Julat and end their drive west 1265 AD First English parliament 1279-1368 AD Mongol Empire in China, Yuan Dynasty (established by Kublai Khan) 1290's AD Islam begins to spread to South East Asia
First real guns used in China 1320's AD Europe's first use of canons in war 1320-1340 AD Bubonic plaque breaks out in Gobi Desert and spreads to other parts of Asia 1325 AD Rise of the Aztec Empire
Formation of Tenochtitlan 1338-1453 AD Hundred Years' War 1350 AD Rise of the Incas in the Cuzco area 1392-1910 AD Yi Dynasty in Korea 1400 AD End of Polynesian expeditions
Flourishing of Mali cities of Timbuktu and Jenne
Ethiopian Christian kingdom
Swahili cities of east African coast flourish
Beginning of Renaissance
Hawaii becomes isolated 1405-1433 AD Chinese trading expeditions under Zheng He 1439 AD Portugal captures the Azores Islands- beginning of greater expedition in Pacific and along northwestern African coast 1453 AD Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire 1471-1493 AD Peak of Inca Empire under Inca Tupac Yupanqui 597-626 AD Wars between Byzantine and Sassanian (Persian) empires 613 AD Muhammad begins to preach the new faith 622 AD Muhammad's flight (hijra) from Mecca to Medina 624-627 AD Wars between followers of Muhammad and the Quraysh of Mecca 628 AD Muslim-Meccan truce 629 AD Muhammad enters Mecca triumphant 632 AD Death of Muhammad 632-634 AD Rule of Caliph Abu Bakr 633-634 AD Ridda Wars in Arabia 634-643 AD Early Muslim conquest in the Byzantine Empire 634-644 AD Rule of Caliph Umar 637 AD Arab invasion and destruction of Sasanian (Persian) Empire 644-656 AD Rule of Caliph Uthman 656-661 AD Shi'a revolt following death of Uthman.
Civil war between Umyyad's and Shi'a
Reign of Caliph Ali 661-680 AD Reign of Mu'awiya (first Umayyad Caliph after defeat of Alli at the battle of Siffin) 680-692 AD Second Muslim civil war 744-750 AD Third Muslim Civil war between Abbasids and Shi'a allies and the Umayyads 775-785 AD Reign of Caliph al-Mahdi 786-809 AD Reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid 788 AD Independent Muslim dynasty established in Morocco 800 AD Independent Muslim dynasty established in Tunisia 809 AD First war of succession between Abbasid princes 813-833 AD Reign Caliph al-Ma'Mum (victor of war for succession) 865-925 AD Life of al-Razi, physician and scientist 945 AD Persian Buyids capture Baghdad; caliphs become puppet rulers 973-1050 AD Life of al-Biruni, scientist 998 AD Beginning of Ghanzi raids in western India c. 1020 AD Death of Firdawsi, author of the Shah-Nama 1038-1123 AD Life of Omar Khayyam, scientist and poet 1058-1111 AD Life of al-Ghazali, philosopher and scientist 1258 AD Fall of Baghdad to Mongols; end of the Abbasid caliphate 1291 AD Fall of Acre; last crusader stronghold in the Middle East
First Italian expedition seek route to Indies
Vivaldis go missin in search of a western routes to the Indies 100-200 AD Introduction of camels in Sahara 1300 AD Mali at its height with Kanem Empire as a rival 1324 AD Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa (gold prices fall) 1417, 1431 AD Last Chinese trade voyages to east Africa 1500 AD Songhay Empire flourishes
Benin at height of power
Portuguese arrive on Swahili coast
Agriculture spreads through the Americas
Nguyen dynasty in Vietnam
Cabral lands in Brazil 330's AD Constantinople become capital of the eastern Roman Empire 650's AD Slavic migration in eastern Europe 870 AD First kingdom in what is now the Czech and Slovak republics 896 AD Magyars settle in Hungary c. 960 AD Emergence on Polish state
Zho Kuangyin founds the Song dynasty 1018 AD Byzantines under Emperor Basil II defeat of Bulgarian kingdom
Beginning of the reconquest in Spain 1019-1054 AD Reign of Yaroslav, king Rus' Byzantine decline under growing attack by the Ottomans 1100-1453 AD 1206 AD Delhi Sultanate in India
Temujin takes the name Chinggis Khan and is elected Khangam 1203-1204 AD Fourth Crusade; westerns sack Constantinople 1236-1240 AD Tatar Mongols take Russia under Batu - renewed attack in winter of 1240 1480 AD Expulsion of Tatars from Russia- Moscow region free Russia expansion presses south
Portuguese visit Benin 4,500-3,500 BC People from China reach Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines 7,000 BC Founding of Catal Huyuk 1,792-1,750 BC Reign of Hammurabi 2,700 BC Building of the pyramids 1,300 BC Phoenicians develop simplified alphabet 772 BC Jewsih kingdom conquered by Assyrians 210 BC Death of Shi Huangdi 220 AD Collapse of Kushan state in India
End of the Han dynasty - last emperor deposed 680 AD Death of Ali's son Husayn at Karbala 800 BC- 476 AD Classic civilizations of the Mediterranean 63BC-14AD Life of Augustus 600 AD Emergence of a Japanese Empire and culture
Islam invasion of India 184 AD Yellow Turban Revolt 354-430 AD Life of Saint Augustine , North African Bishop and theologian 657 AD Battle of Siffin- Ali won over by a plea for Meditation- loses many follower 1193 AD Death of Saladin- respite for remaining Christian Citadels 1219-1223 AD Chinggis Khan raids Turko-Persian Kingdoms east of Baghdad
First Mongol attacks on Russia and Muslim world 1253 AD Mongols attack rich centers of Islam civilization- victory over the Seljuk Turks and rise of the Ottoman Turks in the Middle East 1402 AD Timur-i Lang sacks Baghdad and begins conquest
Ottoman setback under Bayazid. c.1170 AD Birth of Chinggis Khan 962 AD Turkish slave dynasty takes root in Afghanistan
Germanic kings revive Roman Empire 961-1030 AD Life of Mahmud of Ghazni- third ruler of Turkish Slave dynasty who led invasions of north India 1173-1206 AD Life of Muhammad of Ghur- Persian extraction commander who brought much of SInd, the Indus valley, and North Western India under his control 1206-1210 AD Reign of Qutb-ud-din Aibak- Muhammad of Ghur's Lieutenant and first Sultan in India 1440-1518 AD Life of Kabir-Muslim mystic who played down the importance of differences between Muslims and Hindus 1498-1547 AD Life of Mira Bai- celebrated Hindu writer of religious petry who reflected openness to bhaktic cults of women 670 AD Muslim rule Ifriqiya (Tunisia) 1221 AD Death of King Lalibela: founder of a new dynasty in Ethiopia: sponsored of 11 churches in the town that bore his name 1542 AD Portuguese expansion arrives at Massawa on the Red Sea to help Ethiopia in a war against a Muslim state backec by Ottoman Turks
Portuguese reach Japan 1461 AD Ottomans capture remaining Byzantine pockets 1312-1337 AD Reign of Mansa Kankan Musa of Mali 1464-1492 AD Songhay reaches an imperial status under Sunni Ali 1010 AD Goa established as capital of the Songhay on the Niger River
Songhay ruled by Muslima 1370's AD Songhay independent 500 BC-200 AD Ancient Nok sculptures and culture 1440-1473 AD Reign of Ewuare the Great of Benin: Benin flourishes 500-1450 AD Byzantine Empire 505-565 AD Life of Belisarius : One of Justinian's most important commanders in the reconquest, commanded in frica and Italy 533 AD Justinian's reconquest begins (large toll of population (taxes)) 981-1056 AD Life of Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire 1071 AD Byzantines los the Battle of Manzikert to Seljuk Turks: beginning og Byzantine decline 826-885 AD Life of Methodius : one the missionaries who converted Southern Russian and the Balkans to Orthodox Christianity and creation of Cyrillic script 827-869 AD Life of Cyril: one the missionaries who converted Southern Russian and the Balkans to Orthodox Christianity and creation of Cyrillic script 550-900 AD Recovery period after Rome's fall
Christian missionaries in norhten Europe 732 AD Franks, under Charles Martel, defeat Muslims in the Battle of Tours 900-1000 AD Spread of Modlboard plows
Use of horses (in Europe) for transport and argiculture 686-741 AD Life of Charles Martel (the Hammer) c. 496 AD Clovis converts Franks to Christianity allowing for creation of Frankish kingdom 1079-1142 AD Life of Peter Abelard : Author of Yes and No, applied logic to problems of theology 1073-1085 AD Gregory VII: reformer pope who tried to free Church of Feudal lord influence 1180 AD Founding of University of Paris 1225-1274 AD Thomas Aquinas and flowering of scholasticism 1215 AD Magna Carta written in opposition of King John's taxation
First round on Mongol attacks on northern China: Beijing captured 1227 AD Death of Chinggis Khan Ogedei named successor 1226-1270 AD Life of King Louis IX of France 1303 AD French king seizes Papacy 1347-1380 AD Black Death (Bubonic Plague) in Europe 1469 AD Formation of single Spanish Monarchy through union of Aragon and Castile 1194-1253 AD Life of Saint Clair of Assisi: converted to a life of piety and preaching in 1205 and founded a women's Franciscan order around and supported by Saint Francis
(declared patron saint of TV in 1958 by Pope Pius XII) 1090-1153 AD Life of Bernard of Clairvaux: stressed faith and mystical union with God. Challenged Abelard and had him driven out of the university c. 1395-1456 AD Life of Jacques Coeur- one of Europe's most extraordinary merchants 900-1465 AD Chimur Empire based on Chan-Chan on the northern coast of Peru 1200-1500 AD Mississippian culture flourishes 1434 AD Creation of Triple Alliance (Aztec )
Portequese extend expedition along west African coast 1434-1472 AD Reign of Nezhualcoyotl at Texcoco, Aztec King 1438-1471 AD Great Incan expansion under Pachacuti 1438 AD Incans dominate Cuzco and southern highland 1440-1469 AD Reign of Moctezuma I, Aztec 1493-1527 Huayan Capac, Incan Emperor, expands into Equador, his death causes civil war 1502-1520 AD Reign of Moctezuma II, Aztec emperor (lived 1480-1520 AD) 1426 AD Begging of Aztec expansion 589 AD Wendi (first Sui Emperor) conquers the Chen kingdom in the south - end of times of chaos in China 618-626 AD Gaozu (Li-Yuan) (lived 566-635 AD) emperor in China- first Tang Emperor and former minister of Yangdi 627-649 AD Tang Taizong is emperor of Tang China 690-705 AD Reign of Empress Wu in Tang China- height of Buddhist influence 712-756 AD Xuanzong is emperor in Tang China 840s AD Period of Buddhist persecution in Tang China under Wuzong 907 AD End of the Tang dynasty
Khitan people from Manchiria found the northern Liao dynasty c.1050 AD Invention of moveable type (block printing) in China 1067-1085 AD Shenzong is emperor in Song China- reforms fo Wang Anshi 1115-1234 AD Jurchen (Jin) kingdom in northern China 1119 AD First reference to use of compass for sea navigation 1127-1179 AD Southern Song dynasty 1130-1200 AD Life of Zhu Xi- Neo-Confucian scholar 701-762 AD Life of Li Bo-most fmaous Tang poet 719-756 AD Life of Yang Guifei- royal concubine during the reign of Xuanzong- introduced relatives into upper administration 1004 AD Song suffered defeats at the hands of the Khitans and were forced to sign treaties with them that committed the SOng to paying hefty tribute 841-847 AD Reign of Wuzong in Tang China 755 AD An Lushan, a Tang general of nomadic origins, leads a revolt against Xuanzong 111 BC Chinese conquer Vietnam 109 BC Chinese conquer Choson (Korea) 39 AD Trung sister revolt in Vietnam 646 AD Taika reforms in Japan 710-784 AD Japanese capital at Nara - Nara period in Japan 794-1185 AD Japanese capital moved from Nara to Heian (Kyoto)
Heian Period in Japan 838 AD Last Japense embassy to China 645-710 AD Taika period in Japan- beginning on borrowing from China 857-1160 AD Fujiwara dominance in Japan 918-1392 AD Koryo dynasty in Korea 939 AD Vietnam wins independence from China 980-1009 AD Le dynasty in Vietnam 1160-1185 AD Taira tribes dominate in Japan 1180-1185 AD Gempei Wars- Minamoto defeat Taira 1467-1477 AD Onin wars in Japan 1539-1787 AD Trinh dynasty in Red River area in Vietnam 1603 AD Founding of the Tokugawa shogunate 1336-1573 AD Ashikaga Shogunate- Ashikaga Takuaji moves drove emperor from Kyotot to Yoshino 37 BC Koguryo establish indpendent kingdom in northern Korea 220s AD Vietnamese raids into southern China 907-1118 AD Khitan conquest in northern China 1037-1194 AD Seljuk Turks dominate Middle East 1130-c.1250 AD Almohads rule northern African and Spain 1234 AD Mongols take all of northern China- end of the Jin dynasty 1235-1279 AD Mongols conquer southern China- end of the southern Song dynasty 1260-1294 AD Reign of Kubilai Khan in China 1271-1295 AD Journey of Marco Polo to central Asia, China, and south east Asia 1274-1280 AD Failed Mongol invasion of Japan 1336-1405 AD Life of Timur-i Lang 1218 AD Mongol caravan slaughtered in Khwarazm 1186-1241 AD Life of Ogedei 1162-1227 AD Karakorum is the capital of the Mongol empire 1328 AD Moscow becomes a tribute collector for the Mongols 1380 AD Russian army defeats the Golden Horde at the Battle of Kulikova 1240 AD Mongols defeat Hungarians
Renewed Mongol attack on Russia 1223-1277 AD Life Baibars- Mamluk commander Reign of Berke of the Golden Horde 1257-1266 AD 1281 AD Death of Chabi
Founding of Ottoman dynasty 1266-1337 AD Life of Giotto 1290-1317 AD Famines in Europe 1304-1374 AD Life of Petrarach- developement of Italian Renaissance 1497 AD Vasco de Gama reaches India
First British expeditions to North America 1492 AD Spanish kick Muslim overlords out (reconquest)- fall of Granada, Jews expelled
Columbus reachs the New World 1394-1460 AD Life of Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator 1488 AD Portuguese round Cape of Good Hope 1480-1521 AD Life of Ferdinand Magellan- Spanish captain 1509 AD First Spanish colony on Latin American mainland 1514 AD Portuguese expedition to Indonesia
Ottoman victory over Safavids at battle of Chaldiran 1519-1521 AD Magellan circumnavigates the globe and allows Spanish to claim the Philippines 1562 AD British begin slave trade 1571 AD Ottoman fleet defeated at the Battle of Lepanto by Spanish and Venetian fleet 1588 AD British defeat Spanish Armada 1597 AD Japan begin isolation policy
Second Japenese invasion of Korea 1607 AD First permanent British colony in Virginia 1608 AD First French colonies in Canada
England gains first trading concessions in India 1641 AD Dutch begin conquest of Java
Dutch conquer Malacca
Dutch confined to Deshima Islam off Nagasaki 1652 AD Dutch luanh colony in South Africa 1744 AD British-French wars in India 1756 AD "Black hole" in Calcutta 1756-1763 AD Seven Years war in Europe, India, and the Americas 1763 AD British acquire New France
Brazilian capital moved to Rio de Janiero 1764 AD British East India controls Bengal 1775-1783 AD American Revolution 1475-1519 AD Life of Vasco de Balboa- began Spanish settlement of Mesoamerican mainland 1478-1541 AD Life of Francisco Pizarro 1502 AD Pizarro arrives in Hispaniola
De Gamma forces orts in India and African coasts to pay tribute to Portugal 1535-c.1540 AD AD Pizarro's conquest of the Incan empire 1664 AD British take New York from the Dutch 1300-1450 AD Italian Renaissance 1450-1519 AD Life of Leonardo da Vinci 1450-1600 AD Northern Renaissance 1455 AD First European printing press, Mainz, Germany 1469-1527 AD Life of Machiavelli 1475-1514 AD Life of Michaelangelo 1490s AD France and Spain invade Italian city states- beginning of Italian decline 1500-1600 AD Commercial revolution 1515-1547 AD Reign of Francis I of France 1517 AD Martin Luther's 95 These- beginning of Protestant reform
Ottomans capture Egypt and Syria 1534 AD Beginning of the Church of England 1541-1564 AD Jean Calvin in Geneva 1543 AD Copernican revolution
Copernicu' work in astronomy 1550-1649 AD Religious wars in France, Germany, and Britain 1555-1603 AD Reign of Elizabeth I of England 1564-1642 AD Life of Galileo 1609 AD Independence of Netherlands 1618-1648 AD Thirty Years War in the Holy Roman Empire (protestants and allies vs. emperor and allies) - ended by Treaty of Westphalia 1642-1649 AD English Civil War 1642-1727 AD Life of Isaac Newton 1638-1715 AD Reign of Louis XIV of France- France becomes an absolute monarchy 1647-1648 AD Culmination of popular rebellion in western Europe 1670-1692 AD Decline of witchcraft trials 1682-1699 AD Hapsburgs drive Turks from Hungary 1688-1690 AD Glorious Revolution in Britain- parliamentary monarchy and some religious tolerance
Political writings of John Locke (lived 1632-1704 AD) 1712-1786 AD Life of Frederick the great of Prussia- enlightenment despot 1730-1850 AD European population boom 1733 AD James Kay invents flying shuttle loom 1736 AD Beginning of Methodism 1776 AD Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" 1780-1790 AD Reign of Joseph II, first Hapsburg Emperor 1792 AD Mary Wollstonecraft writes Vindication of the Rights of Women
Slave revolt in Haiti 1483-1546 AD Life of Martin Luther 1598 AD Edict of Nantes grants tolerance to protestants in France
Deaht of Toyotomi Hideyoshi 1571-1630 AD Life of Johannes Kepler- astronomer and mathematician 1632-1704 AD Life of John Locke 1713-1784 AD Life of Denis Diderot - French enlightenment thinker who worked on the encyclopedia 1759-1797 AD Life of Mary Wollstonecraft 1440-1505 AD Life of Ivan III "the Great"- king of Russia 1462 AD Ivan III frees much of Russia from the Tatars 1533-1584 AD Life of Ivan IV "the Terrible"- tzar of Russi- boyar power reduces 1552-1556 AD Russian expansion in central Asia and western Siberia 1604-1613 AZD Times of trouble in Russia 1613-1917 AD Romanov dynasty in Russia 1637 AD Russian pioneers reach the Pacific coast 1649 AD Law makes serfdom hereditary in Russia 1689-1725 AD Reign of Peter I "the Great" - Russian tzar 1700-1721 AD War between Russia and Sweden 1703 AD St. Petersburg founded 1762-1796 AD Reign of Catherine II "the Great" - Russian tsar (born 1729 AD) 1772,1793,1795 AD Russian patrician of Poland 1773-1775 AD Pugachev revolt 1785 AD Laws enacted in Russia tightening landlord hold over serfs 1904-1918 AD Life of Alexis Nikolaevich- Romanov heir to throne during Russian revolution 1917 AD Stalin reinstates Russian secret police (KGB) 1493 AD Columbus' 2nd expedition- beginning of settlement in Indies 1493-1520 AD Spanish exploration and settlement of the Cariben 1494 AD Treaty of Tordesillas 1519-1524 AD Cortes leads conquest of Mexico 1533 AD Cuzco Peru falls to Pizaro 1540-1542 AD Coronado explores the southwest United States 1541 AD Santiago Chile founded 1549 AD Royal government established in Brazil 1580-1640 AD Spain and Portugal unite under same rulers- Habsburg King of Spain 1630-1654 AD Dutch capture northeastern Brazil 1654 AD English take Jamaica 1695 AD Gold discovered in Brazil 1702-1713 AD Spanish war for succession- ended by treaty of Utrecht-Bourbon dynasty 1755-1776 AD Marquis of Pombal is prime minister of Portugal- kicks out Jesuits 1759 AD Jesuits kicked out of of Brazil 1759-1788 AD Charles III rules Spain- Bourbon reforms 1781 AD Comunero revolt in New Granada
Tupac Amaru rebellion in Peru 1789 AD Conspiracy for Independence in Minas Gerais Brazil
George Washington becomes president 1767 AD Jesuits kicked out of Spanish America 1451-1504 AD Life of Isabella of Casile 1479-1516 AD Reign of Ferdinand of Aragon 1510-1554 AD Life of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado 1484-1566 AD Life of Father Batolome de Las Casas 1550 AD end of Spanish expeditions 1545-1565 AD Silver found in Mexico and Peru 1681 AD Recopilacion gives New World to Spain 1499-1590 AD Life of Franciscan priest Fray Bernardino de Sahagun 1651-1695 AD Life of Sor Juan Ines de la Cruz- poet, author, and musician of New Spain 1735-1760 AD Brazil is the greatest supplier of gold in west (Minas Gerais) 1697 AD Spain takes Haiti 1739 AD Spanish Viceroyality in New Granada
Nadir Shah invades India from Persia 1778 AD New ports in Spain and Americas open to trade with west Indies
Viceroyality at Rio de la Plata 1720-1787 AD Life of Jose de Galvez - Spanish minister of the west Indies 1738-1781 AD Life of Tupac Amaru- Mestizo revolt leader in Peru 1415 AD Portuguese capture Ceuta (Morocco)- begging of European expansion 1441 AD First shipment of slaves brought directly to Portugal 1481 AD Portuguese fort at El Mina (Ghana) 1507-1543 AD Reign of Nzinga Mvemda (Alfonso I) of Kongo- converted to Christianity 1484 AD Portugal contacts Kongo Kingdom south of the Zaire River. 1570 AD Portuguese establish colony at Angola 1591 AD Fall of the Songhay 1700-1717 AD Osei Tutu (r.1675-1717) unifies the Asante kingdoms (centralization beginning in 1650) 1713 AD English gain right to important slaves to the Spanish Empire 1720's AD Rise of the kingdom of Dahomey after getting firearms 1790's AD Abolitionist movement gains ground in England 1804 AD Usuman Dan Fodio leads Hausa expansion 1815 AD Cape colony comes under formal British control
Council of Vienna ushers in a more conservative period in Europe 1818-1828 AD Shaka Zulu forges Zulu power and expansion
Mfecane underway 1833 AD Great Britain abolishes slavery in the west Indies 1834 AD Boers make Great Trek into Natal 1556-1627 AD Life of Ahmad Baba of Timbuktu- Muslim scholar 1516 AD Leaders of oba limit slave trade in Benin 1727 AD Dahomey take Whydah 1708-1740 AD Life of King Agaja of the Dahomey 1770's AD Fulani Muslim reforms in western Sudan 1527 AD Plot for African American rebellion uncovered Mexico City 1807 AD British slave trade abolished under religious humanitarians like John Wesley and statesman William Wilberforce 1243 AD Mongols attack Asia Minor (Turkey) 1350s AD Ottoman invasion of Europe; conquest of much of the Balkans and Hungary 1450s AD Shi'a influence enter Safavid teaching
Mass recruitment of Janisarries 1501-1510 AD Safavid conquest of Persia 1507 AD Portuguese victory over Ottoman-Arab fleet at Diu in Indian ocean 1520-1566 AD Rule of Suleyman the Magnificent: construction of Suleymaniye mosque in Constantinople 1526 AD Battle of Panipat: Babur's conquest of India 1529 AD First Ottoman siege of Vienna 1540-1545 AD Babur's successor , Humayan driven form India and in exile at the Safavid court 1556 AD Mughal empire reestablished 1556-1605 AD Reign of Akbar of the Mughals (borb 1542) 1582 AD Akbar declares new religion to try to unify Islam and Hinduism 1588-1629 AD Reign of Abbas I (the Great) in Persia 1657-1658 AD Great war of succession between Sons of Shah Jahan 1658-1707 AD Reign of Aurangzeb 1683 AD Last Ottoman siege of Vienna 1680s AD Rajput and peaant revolt in Inida 1699 AD Treaty of Carlowitz: Ottomans cede territories in Europe 1730 AD Perisan army under Nadir Khan defeats Ottomans 1722 AD First Turkish language printing press
Fall of the Safavids with Isfahan besieged by Afghans 1730s AD First western modeled military schools in Constantinople 1736-1747 AD Reign of Nadir Khan Afshar (Shah) after proclaiming himsel f shah 1501-1524 AD Reign of Shah Isma'il- first Safavid shah (lived 1487-1524) 1501 AD Savafids take Tabriz- Sufi Commander Isma'il is proclaimed shah 1592-1629 AD Isfahan is Safavid capital under Abbas I 1530 AD Death of Babur 1642-1666 AD Reign of Abbas II 1605-1627 AD Reign of Jahangir 1627-1658 AD Reign of Shah Jahan 1577-1645 AD Life of Nur Jahan wife of Jahangir - amassed power in Mughal court 1593-1631 AD Life of Mumtaz Mahal wife of Shah Jahan- took an active role in Mughal court 1368-1644 AD Ming Dynasty in China 1368-1398 AD Reign of the Hongwu emperor in China 1390 AD Ming limit overseas trade 1403-1424 AD Reign of Yungle in China 1498-1499 AD Vasco de Gamma opens the sea trade route around Asia and Africa 1510 AD Portuguese take Goa in est India 1511 AD Portuguese take Malacca on the tip of Malaya 1540s AD Francis Xavier makes mass converts in India 1573-1620 AD Reign of Wanli in China 1580s AD Jesuits arrive in China 1590 AD Hideyoshi unifies Japan 1592 AD First Japanese invasion of Korea 1600s AD Dutch and British assault on Portuguese empire 1614 AD Japan bans Christianity 1619-1620 AD Dutch East India company established at Batavia Java 1644 AD Qing dynasty founded 1662-1722 AD Reign of Kangxi in china 1755-1757 AD Portuguese become paramount power of Java
Qing conquest of Mongolia 1560s AD Spain begins to conquers Philippines Luzon 1552-1610 AD Life of Matteo Ricci Jesuit in Ming court 1591-1666 AD Life of Adam Schall Jesuit scholar in Ming court 1534-1582 AD Life of Oda Nobunaga Japanese daimyo- over threw last Ashikaga shogun- first use of firearms in Japan 1640s AD Japanese begin complete isolation policy- Dutch traders only allowed on Deshima Island 1770 AD James Watt's Steam engine- beginning of industrial revolution 1788 AD First convict settlement in Australia 1789-1799 AD French Revolution - radical phase 1793-1794 AD 1790 AD European birth rate decreases 1799-1815 AD 1793 AD First free European settkers in Australia Reign of Napoleon in France 1800-1850 AD Romantic period in literature and art 1803 AD Louisiana purchase 1810-1826 AD Rise of democratic suffrage in the United States 1820 AD Revolutions in Greece and Spain- rise of nationalism and liberalism 1820s AD Industrialization begins in US 1823 AD First legislative council in Australia 1826-1837 AD Active European colinization in New Zealand 1829 AD Andrew Jackson becomes president of US 1830 AD Revolution in several European countries 1832 AD Reformer bill of 1832 in England 1837 AD Canadian rebellion 1837-1842 AD US Canadian border clash 1839 AD New British colonial policy allows more autonomy 1840 AD Union act reorganizes Canada and provides legislature 1843-1848, 1860-1870 AD Maori wars 1846-1848 AD Mexican American War 1848 AD Writings of Karl Marx
Rise of socialism 1848-1849 AD Revolutions sweep accroos Europe 1850 AD Australia's Colonies Government Act allows for legislature and more autonomy 1852 AD New Zealand Constitution 1859 AD Darwin's Origin of Species
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