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John Dalton and Atomic Theory

No description

Isaias Seibert

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of John Dalton and Atomic Theory

By: Isaias Seibert John Dalton and Atomic Theory Dalton's Early Life Born in Eaglesfield England, September 6, 1766. Had two siblings. He was colorblind, and so was his brother. Father was a hand loom weaver, and so his family was poor. Would have to help with family finances at a young age. Education John Fletcher's Quaker grammar school. Kendal School(Quaker boarding school). New College in Manchester Career Color-blindness and hereditary Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures Atomic Theory Personal Life Never married Few close friends Modest and unassuming Daily lab work broken by annual visits to Lake District and occasional visits to London Awards Doctorate of Science degree from Oxford University Government granted a pension Pension was doubled in 1836 Doctorate of Laws by Edinburgh University Statue erected in his lifetime Died quietly after second stroke 40,000 joined funeral his funeral procession The End Site source:
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