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Elevator Project


Kira Widjaja

on 12 November 2011

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Transcript of Elevator Project

The Elevator The Past The Effects The Future In the old days, it was just a platform that was pulled up and down
The first safe elevator was invented by Elisha Grave Otis
It was invented in 1852
It was powered by steam power
Before good and safe elevators were invented, buildings were limited to 5 or 6 floors Negative
- Sometimes elevators get stuck.
- Can be dangerous if not properly made.
- Can be really slow sometimes.

- Used to be used for conveying materials in factories, mines,and warehouses.
- Equipped with safety device to prevent falling.
- Prevent you from having to walk everywhere.
- Can be controlledwith buttons to go wherever you want in a building. "I think that we wouldn't have any elevators like we doright now. I think the elevator would be flying."
- Yui Tanagi
"I think that elevators would be really cool and I think it would be time traveling."
- Ana Nieto
"I think that in the future we won’t have to wait for and in the elevator, but that we will be able to transport ourselves with something high tech."
- Kira Widjaja
"I think that elevator will be more high tech."
- Zabrina Zerr The picture above is the design
of the electric elevator. Group 3 Ana Nieto
Kira Widjaja
Yui Tanagi
Zabrina Zerr The picture above is the
design of the first safe elevator.
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