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SBG Discussion & Explanation 2.0

No description

Jonathan Newman

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of SBG Discussion & Explanation 2.0

What's the point of Grades?
Think-Pair-Share and answer this question
"Make my parents happy"
"So I can get into college"
"So I can feel good"
"So I can feel bad"
"So I know how well I'm doing in a class"
"Cause we've always done that"
"So I have something to work for"
"To tell me whether I need to work harder or not"
"So I know what I need to work on"
"So I know whether I'm going to do well in that subject in college"
Let's test this.
You get back a graded quiz:
what do you (typically) do with it?
What does Mr. Newman want you to do with it?
Oh snap! Oh no he didn't...
But what if grades were like _______________?
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Angry Birds like "normal" grades
What if grades were like this?
Here is what your grade looks like:
Topics you learn
What does practice do?
Myelin production
Clearer nerve impulses
Getting better at what you practice*
Quizzes, Labs, Projects, etc.
*Beware: Practicing how to do
something the wrong way makes
you better at doing it wrong!!
So how can I practice?
What I expect you to know
Need to (re)learn it?
Need to practice it?
Mini-Scavenger Hunt
List of all the standards in the class
Find out how to sign up to retake a quiz (SAS)
This Prezi
Most recent pre-assessment (prequiz)
Notes from this unit
Lab this week (for Chemistry)
Look ahead and find some future topics
Stands for "Show a Standard"
What is my (Mr. Newman's) goal for you in this course?
Have a small idea of what Chemistry is
"Pass the class"
Cram on each exam and forget everything by the end
Learn how to "pass the tests"
Know the tricks to do to get the "right answer"
If this is my goal, I'm going to ask that you know all the information
the class.
How am I going to do this?
What does it mean?!?
Quizzes with come back again and again and again until I'm sure you still remember the Chemistry
So you're saying I need to practice or study!?!
Questions so far?
You don't get a "12/15 questions" grade on quizzes.
You don't get a 83% grade.
Possible Grades:
"Not Yet"
You haven't showed me you understand enough to pass.
You've shown me you understand well enough to pass.
You have a thorough and deep understanding of the material.
(And make sure I'm not practicing the wrong thing!!)
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