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Why College Sucks: The Broken System of Higher Education

No description

random kyo

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Why College Sucks: The Broken System of Higher Education

They need a degree to get a decent job, so they take out thousands of dollars in loans.

They finish college and can't get a job.

The substantial debt hangs over their heads regardless.
Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Meet
Mr. Joe Shmoe:
The average college go-er If the new point of college is solely to obtain jobs afterwords, shouldn’t students be more prepared than ever when they finally go to work in their selected field? Why College Sucks: The Broken System
of Higher Education. Overpriced Colleges Students are forced into a paradoxical situation. Colleges nowadays have become sort of an anti-inspiring, disgusting business machine. Ineffective, uninspiring classes. students to take on a “memorize and forget” strategy; effectively guaranteeing that students retain nothing useful from their courses. Students enter with a handful of cash and four years later they’re given a piece of paper that basically says “Now I’m allowed to join the job race!” Students are bombarded with information and concepts that they “need to know for the test” and they respond simply: by cramming Inadequate Preparation According to a study by New York University sociologist Richard Arum, 45% of college students showed no improvement in higher-reasoning and critical thinking skills after two years, and 36% percent managed to go all four years with no improvement. The college system is in dire need of a reboot because it fails to have a practical price point, does not sufficiently promote an environment and inspiration to learn and understand, and no longer serves to teach students about higher thinking or prepare them for what’s to come.
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