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No description

MJay Shears

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Songwriter

Job description
A songwriter is a person who crafts songs for another artist in hopes of creating a hit.
If your ever wanted to be come a songwriter then, you will have to work long hours, mostly nights and weekend. You would create song and try to turn them into hits.
If you do succeed in the career, then you should want to know how much you would make. The average salary of this job is 40,000. The range of this career is about $0-$1,000,000+.
Schooling Required
Usually no there is no schooling required, but many do receive help at collages and universities.
Personal skills/talents
To do this job you require no educational requirements, but some do go to collage for this type of career.
Your work

Colleges that offer jobs for a songwriter
There are two colleges that do offer degrees for this job:
Berklee College of Music
University of Denver
Job Outlook
Sadly to say you cannot become a songwriter in Arkansas. There are 8700 songwriting jobs in the country/ world. It has a slight change of incresing by 5%
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