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Describing feelings and emotions

화홍고등학교 2012 Week 9 Lesson

Erica Ryoo

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Describing feelings and emotions

실망한 excited
신이 난 relieved
안도하는 confused
혼란스러워 하는 exhausted
기진맥진한 dizzy
어지러운 worried
걱정하는 bored
지루해하는 homesick
향수에 잠긴 Amazed
놀란 suspicious
의혹을 갖는 annoyed
짜증이 난 embarrassed
쑥스러운 tensed
긴장한 Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling angry? lonely
쓸쓸한 frustrated
짜증나게 하는 depressed
우울한 scared
무서워하는 How are you feeling today? Describing
Emotions calm
침착한 surprised
놀란 Here are some... E
S We are going to watch some videos... As we watch these videos,
think about how they make you feel. Some important grammar points... We use words to describe our feelings and emotions. These words say how we feel about certain things You cannot say
"I feel funny."
It means something
like "I feel sick/weird". Instead,
You should say
"I feel amused." The class is boring. We are bored. Emotion adjectives talk about yourself.

If you use the wrong form it means something completely different. I am scared! I AM SCARY! I will be asking people in the
class about their answers. Pick four emotions, and write four sentences about what makes you feel that way. I will ask "how did the video
make you feel?" Answer: " I felt..." Feeling adjectives talk about how YOU feel. Other adjectives describe
what makes you feel that way So here is some practice... The baby is cute. You do not
feel cute. A cute baby makes
you feel happy. I am happy because I am in class. example: I am ______ because I _______. REVIEW Giving Advice 1. Understand how they would feel.
ex. I think you would be sad because you have no friend. 2. Give an advice!
ex. I think you should join more school clubs.
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