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How People Behave in a Catholic Church Before Mass


Jose Gonzalez

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of How People Behave in a Catholic Church Before Mass

By: Jose A. Gonzalez How People Behave in a Catholic Church For my anthropology project, I chose the catholic church of St. Francis by the sea. I arrived early to view the behavior of the people before mass began. My hypothesis was that the people would still behave "normally", walking about and not respecting the place. Before Mass: My Hypothesis While inside the people were more quiet, but as expected by my hypothesis some were goofing around, maybe because mass wasn't in motion. Quietness is though a sign of respect, its some power this church has on people. In the Presence of a Church People are quiet, listening to the prayers given by the priest. The people have high respect towards the mass, God, and themselves. People are kind to others. During Mass Once mass is over, people leave rather quickly and return home to their ordinary life's. While inside, people still behave positively, but after he/she steps outside the church, things pretty much go back to normal. After Mass People act nice and kind in a catholic church. It's a soothing atmosphere to be in and when one follows, all do. It is not expected for someone to be nice but instead people DO actually have a positive attitude to the world around them. People's Overall Reactions People behave positively because they feel that it is the place to do so; that they are being watched by God, a strong force that we respect. The church, specifically the mass, reminds us all of the sins we all commit,thus act nice at this time. It is like a cold that spread from one person to another and the disease being passed is kindness. Conclusion The church at night: time of mass The church at day The passing of books before mass began Inside of the church, the chapel (Before mass) Up close in the altar The ushers practicing People leaving the mass after its conclusion Alejandro Camposano: Head of the altar helpers People walking about after mass is over Dining at the Family Center The chorus of St. Francis People at the Family Center Staff of St. Francis and Priest Catholic Priest
Cesar Spanish Mass Coordinator
Maria Elena Salazar Our Parish office
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