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Sub structural Concepts In Writing Policies & Procedures Manual

By: Ehsan Farahabadi Student of Health Care Management

ehsan farahabadi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Sub structural Concepts In Writing Policies & Procedures Manual

Harold Koontez
Heinz Weihrich

in "Management"
Kind Of Plans Promote Consistency & Transparency in Organizational Functions
Cornerstone of Risk Management Universal Accountability One of the Most Important Indices Used In Accreditation By JCAHO Have an Significant Role In EFQM Model Providing Staff with Clear Guidelines on How to Administer a Program Shift Liability From Provider to the Head Accountable Importance of Deal with Problem In Uniform Manner Reduce Conflicts between Staff Minimizes Discretion at the Operational Level Baseline for Continuous Improvement Reference Manual for Orientation of New Hires The Basic Governing Principle that Outlines the Structure & Course of action for patient care What an Hospital does and why do it description of the service’s commitments to key determinants of quality Nonnegotiable- Changes Infrequently Widespread Application do not tell the reader exactly how something will be done. Based on the Organization's Policies Define How to Accomplish the Mission & Meet the Policy Focus on Processes & Tasks Open To Change & Continues Improvement The recipe as to how things get done what will be done, when, and by whom & what records are to be kept What should be documented? Organizational values, societal expectations,consumers & other stakeholders’ comments The policy manual is the starting point Approximately six to a maximum of ten principles Ask yourself why you are writing the procedure, Identify any gaps in the procedure by trialing the procedure with a user who was not involved in its development Management Role In P&P Development Planning Methods & Procedures to Accomplish Goals of The Organization Establishing Standard by Which Actual Results Can be Compared Accountable for ensuring Institutional Compliance with Professional Government Standards of Care For Provision of Effective, High Quality Patient Care Involve Various Healthcare Professionals in the Development, Implementation & Monitoring of Departmental P& P Other Concepts A mandatory set of instructions that may be associated with a policy Best described as planned and systematic detailing of the usual patterns of care for a patient with a specific disease or diagnosis. Clinical pathways are paths that health
Professionals can follow that should enable them to provide the best possible,
outcomes for the patient Systematically developed Statements Designed help practitioners & patient decide
on appropriate healthcare for specific clinical conditions & Circumstances
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