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Social Justice Final Project

Larissa Simpson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of OXFAM

Oxfam believes in the 5 rights:
- the right to a sustainable livelihood;
- the right to basic social services;
- the right to life and security
- the right to be heard
- the right to an identity
Primary Objectives...
When did it start?
October 5, 1942
Who is involved?
- In early WWI, Germany took over Greece
- The Allies put up a navel blockade around Greece
to stop military supplies from German forces.
- In Britain, people worried about a famine in Greece,
since Greece had gotten all their supplies via the sea trade
- Group of people gathered together on to remove the ban on the food going to Greece.
People Involved:
- Oxfort University Representatives
- Christian Ministers
- People with business experience
- Even when the war ended Oxfam continued it's efforts.
Oxfam was originally called "The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief", but later changed it to Oxfam so it was easier to spell through telegrams.
- Oxfam sent supplies all around Europe.
- Oxfam went GLOBAL with their objectives,
helping people around the world.
--Oxfam's subheading on their website
"Relief of suffering in consequeces of the war."
"The relief of suffering arising as a result of wars
or of other causes in any part of the world."
"To develop a strategy so that, no matter how
the world changes, it can respod and make a
major impact on poverty and suffering."
In the beginning:
- Oxfort University
- Christian Ministers
- People with business
- Social activists
Nelson Mandela
Colin Firth
Keira Knightly
<--Helped raise funds for
Hurricane Katrina through
a concert.
Donated the dress she wore to the Academy Awards, which was then auctioned off with the funds going to Oxfam's East Africa food crisis appeal.
Examples of Recent Projects
2010 - Haiti
Within six months after the devastating quake, Oxfam was able to:
- provide clean drinking water & sanitation facilities to more than 400,000 people
- Cleared debris from drainage canals, benefitting more than 110,000 people
- provided public health education for more than 210,000 people
- provided cash-for work and cash grants benefitting more than 125,000 people
- shelter for 94,000 people
Present Goals in Haiti are:
- provide support for Haitian farmers & small businesses
- ensure poor areas benefit from cash grants to seed economic recovery
- help communities build back better by promoting earthquake-proof buildings and alternative fuel sources to reduce deforestation.
2010 - Pakistan
- Pakistan was devastated by floods.
- 750 people are thought to have died
- 20 million people affected by the floods
In addition to the staple aid,
Oxfam has also contributed:
- Helped more than 240,900 people trapped by the floods safely evacuate using search and rescue boats
- 'Winterisation' packages (quilts, sweaters and shawls) helping 14,000 people
- Return kits containing blankets, plastic sheets and kitchen sets were supplied to over 27,000 people
- distributed hygiene kits containing bars of soap, towels, cloth, plastic kettles for washing and buckets with lids.
- Cash-for-work program has helped 309,000.
- Clean water via water tanks, repairing wells/water pipes, and trucking water to places with no safe water supply
for more of Oxfam in Action, visit: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxfam_in_action/index.html
2010 - Philippines
"Make Trade Fair" Campaign
- posters providing examples of unfairness of the existing system

- purpose is to convince people that trade needs to change
- Government troops and Muslims wanting independence have been in conflict for almost 40 years in the southern island of the Philippines, Mindanao.
- The violence has affected families across Mindanao, with violence and
risk of being caught in a crossfire forcing them to flee their homes.
- A gym holds more than 400 families.
- Distribution of water storage containers, plastic sheeting for additional
shelter, and emergency food rations (of rice, fish and salt)
- Basic household and hygiene utensils given to families.
- Some health officess (like below) help with the diseases being spread through camps of displaced people.
How to get involved
"Fast for a World Harvest"
- Started in 1974
- encourages people to fast for a day or a meal and donate the money they would use for food towards the fight against world hunger and poverty.
- Thousands of organizations and individuals participate this yearly, hosting events such as "hunger banquets", fair trade craft fairs.
- Since it originated, "Fast for a World Harvest" has donated $10 million.
- Raise Awareness of suffering an poverty
- 100km walk to be completed in 48hrs
- teams to raise $2,000 each
- European month-long music festival
- Since it started in 2006, Oxjam has raised £1.5 million
- The money goes to Oxfam where it is spent where needed
- ex. 13,000 emergency shelters; 60,000 goats or 900 classrooms.
Public Education Policy
- There are limitless possibilities to make a difference with Oxfam!
Development work

Humanitarian work

Lobbyist, advocacy and popular campaigning
3 main focal points:
- Efforts to get communities out of poverty by working on long-term solutions.
- bringing aid to those affected by conflict and natural disasters
- In efforts to affect policy decisions on local, national and international levels that may cause conflict.
trade justice
fair trade
gender equality
natural disasters
climate change
debt & aid
democracy/human rights
Funds are raised by the public through fundraising events and donations.
- One of the first fundraising efforts of Oxfam
- Fair trade and donated items are sold such as handcrafts, books, instruments, music CDs, clothing, toys, food and ethnic creations.
How I Made a Difference
Made a Donation
'Joined' Oxfam
- Get emails about different volunteering opportunities
- 'Sign' a pledge
- Be updated about Oxfam's advances and events.
You can also simply donate money towards Oxfam via their website.
How I will CONTINUE to make a difference:
Buy a Chicken for my friend for their Birthday
- Funds go towards the various charities Oxfam supports
Money Donations
``Unwrapped`` gifts
- Spreading Awarenes of issues
- Buying fair-trade goods
- Volunteering at events
- Donating funds
Oxfam is very open on educating the public about their plan, purpose and mission.
Lesson Plans
Oxfam has free lesson plans on their website that not only focus on a variety of issues, but shows Oxfam's views and position on them.
"These are six teacher-friendly, classroom-ready lessons, with an emphasis on comparative literature and history, tracing the industrial revolution and incorporating these into a presentation of Oxfam's Make Trade Fair and ideas for World Food Day."
The Industrial Revolution,
Six Lesson Plans
Press Contacts
$505 million -- Oxfam International's annual budget.
Codes of Conduct
and Policies
- people together can create a fair world, free of poverty and injustice
- a fair world respects the basic rights of all human beings to:
+ earn a decent living to support
themselves and their families,
+ enjoy basic education and health care,
+ get help in life-threatening disasters, + speak out for their rights and be treated as equal.
- Build lasting solutions to global poverty and injustice.

- Work with allies in Canada and around the world to change the policies and practices that perpetuate human suffering

- Support organizations in poor communities overseas in their struggle to secure basic rights.

- Oxfam's advocacy and campaigns for just policies are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained in that struggle.
Oxfam's Mission:
Oxfam's Vision:
With the code of conducts and policies available online, the public is able to view Oxfam's beliefs and core values.
Encouraged people to support Oxfam and the anti-poverty movement.
The public could contact Oxfam by phone, email, text, mail, or online and sign the "I'm In" pledge, stating:
"I'm In" Campaign
"I'm In" pledge, stating "I think poverty is an injustice and I want to do something about it."
such available are:
- Oxfam International Code of Conduct
- International NGO Accountability Charter
- Oxfam Canada's Privacy PolicyOxfam - - -- Canada's Equity and Diversity Policy
- buy livestock!
- buy education tools!
- buy green gifts!
eight text books!
a beehive!
clean water!
solar panels!
community health training!
womens training!
send a girl to school!
Buy a Christmas present for myself
- Events
- Disaster Relief
- Website
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