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Copy of Rebecca's Practicum with the Science Fiction Hall of Fame Museum

Creating an Object List from which to develop the new 2012 Science Fiction Hall of Fame exhibit

Rebecca Hoskyn

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Rebecca's Practicum with the Science Fiction Hall of Fame Museum

"Hugo" Scifi Award 1860's Jules Verne From the Earth to the Moon 2000's 1930's Create Object List developed geostational sattelite Arthur C. Clarke George Lucas Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith Digital Age Artifacts Isaac Asimov I, Robot Museum Studies Practicum SAMPLER between Hall of Fame Inductees Ian & Betty Ballantine published 1st Scifi book writer publishers Hugo Gernsback Scifi magazine Editor Ridley Scott Blade Runner - film namesake Scifi Award filmmaker illustrator Chesley Bonestell Saturn viewed from Titan 1952 Wishlist The Gods Themselves "Star Science Fiction Stories" 1st publication Ralph 124C 41+ FILM shorts from "Alien" or "Blade Runner" "Galaxy" cover with Asimov & Bradbury radar/jet aircraft ballistic missiles Ballantines Pohl Powers Spielberg Matheson Serling Clarke Butler writer publishers illustrator Relationships Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees research for new Science Fiction Hall of Fame 2012 Exhibit The Museum System Le Guin World Timeline & Scifi Trends 2nd Industrial Revolution My sincere appreciation to
Brooks Peck, Curator
of the Science Fiction
Museum and Hall of Fame
for his guidance, oversight,
and encouragement! writer writer filmmaker writer filmmaker writer film adaptation
for "Duel" illustrated
"Childhood's End" The Twilight Zone developed "cyborg" coined "Scifi" published
1st Scifi books published "Childhood's End" Hugo for "The Left
Hand of Darkness"
& "The Dispossessed" Hugo for
"Bloodchild" illustrated
"The Space
Merchants" published
"The Space
Merchants" *65 Hall of Fame Inductees *63 Hours of Research *6 Hours learning TMS
and consultation with
Supervisor, Brooks Peck
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