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UWW Intro to Creative Photography

This presentation outlines the "Introduction to Creative Photography" workshop taught by Union Wharf Workshops. Use the arrows at the bottom to advance the slides.

Ed Hebert

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of UWW Intro to Creative Photography

The Fundamentals in Six Sessions How do these camera controls allow me to create the photo I envision in my mind? Session One:
Camera Controls and Visualization Today we'll take the first step in a lifelong journey of creative photography.

We'll learn all about the operation of some key camera controls - things like shutter speed, ISO, color temperature, lens aperture and focal length.

More importantly, we'll learn how these settings affect the photographic result. We'll discuss visualization as a skill to create our own unique photographic "signature". We'll take a look at some tried and true compositional techniques. Learning a few of the "rules" of compositional cropping, we'll understand how and why they work. We'll even look for opportunities to bend them to achieve unique results.

We'll also discuss two other powerful tools - color and texture. Using them purposefully, we'll further influence the impact of a composition.

How can I create the most powerful image possible, eliminating all the distractions? SessionTwo:
Composition, Color and Tonality How can I switch off my flash and capture a more natural looking photograph? Session Three:
Light Lighting defines photography. Available light is the most important variable a photographer needs to predictably control or adapt into his work.

We'll observe the effects of natural light on a subject, and look for ways to work creatively with the ambient light we're given. We'll discuss metering techniques, and also examine ways to influence the effects of natural light through modifiers such as reflectors, diffusers, and everyday stuff available in the field.
take more CREATIVE photographs!
understand the manual controls of your camera and lenses and how they affect your photos
compose more professional portraits, landscapes, and artistic images
work in difficult lighting conditions
understand how to properly prepare and present photographs both in print and online
have a lot of fun in the process! So you want to learn how to: OK, then...
Let's do this!!! What tools are available to help me refine the photographs that I've captured? Chemical processing and darkroom manipulation have always been a part of conventional photography. Today, most conventional images are processed in the "digital darkroom".

We'll take a brief look at some of the popular image editing programs available today (such as Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP) We'll discuss how these tools play a vital role in a modern photographer's workflow.
Session Four:
Processing the Captured Image Let's put these new skills to the test! This week, we'll visit a local scenic location and try out the new skills we've learned in the past month.

Working together with the other students in the class, you'll see how different photographers record the same subjects in different ways.

Accompanied by your instructor, you'll get quick answers to any questions as they arise.
Session Five:
Photo Shoot! Session Six:
Presentation How do I present all these wonderful new photographs I've created? Now that you've amassed a collection of impressive photographs, it's time to do something with them!

We'll discuss a few of the countless presentation options available to photographers. We'll examine some print samples from a few popular service bureaus and home printers. We'll also review several online options that allow photographers to share their work with family, friends, and creative peers.
Union Wharf Workshops
Introduction to Creative Photography Course Overview The Critique Process This class involves showing your work and participating in the critique process. The atmosphere will always remain light, friendly and constructive. But it's also not intended to be a "group hug".

The spirit of critique is to articulate how an image affects you, and to volunteer alternate suggestions as they come to mind.

We'll practice giving and receiving objective, constructive critique of photographs, and develop our visual perception skills in the process. Thanks for the helpful feedback! Prerequisites
No prior photography experience required
Camera capable of manual controls (dSLR or equivalent preferred)
Desire to truly turn off automated camera settings and make artistic photographs using your brain
Technical ability to download files from your camera to computer, and from there to a portable device or web upload.
Submit digital work to class via web upload or arrive to class with CD, Flash drive, or equivalent portable media for presentation.
Film photographers are certainly welcome! If using film, please inform instructor in advance of class, and we'll discuss scanning or slide projection options.

Please note! This class teaches the fundamentals of photography that are transferable to ANY manually controllable camera. It does NOT, however, provide instruction on how to use your SPECIFIC brand or model of camera.

Students should read and consult their user manuals for the location and operation of the controls for their camera. Students should also bring their owner's manual to class so they can follow along and apply the concepts using their camera. Stuff you'll need to know... Bring your camera and your manual! unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com unionwharfworkshops.com
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