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ABC Book for Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

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zippi dustin

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of ABC Book for Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

ABC Book for Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
By: Autumn Dustin

A- Anarchy
In an Anarchy, there is no political authority. It is chaos, madness, craziness, and is very disorganized. One place it is practiced is Afghanistan. Mostly located by Afghanistan's countryside. Which makes a lot of conflict there. People disagree with the way power is split up between groups of people in Afghanistan.
B- Buddhism
Buddhism is practiced a majority in Thailand. It is based on Siddhartha Gautama ("The Buddha.") teachings. In Buddhism there are 4 Noble Truths. These 4 Noble Truths are comprise of Buddha's teachings. They are: truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the the path that lead to the end the suffering. Buddhism people also believe in the cycle of rebirth, and karma. The cycle of rebirth means that they believe that after they die they will live again on earth, but in a different body if they have good karma. Karma is the good or bad actions that a person does in their life.
C- Chiang Kai- shek
Chiang Kai- shek was born on October 31st, 1887. When Chiang Kai- shek turned 18, he went to a military training college in Japan. He came back to China in 1911 to help in the uprising that overthrew Qing Dynasty, and he established a Chinese Republic. Chiang also became a member of the Chinese Nationalist Party. He stayed strong throughout the wars in china. When the civil war happened in China in 1937, and the communist started to take the government. Chiang and his remaining KMT forces fled to Taiwan where Chiang established a government that he ran for the next 25 years. Chiang Kai- shek died April 5th, 1975.
D- Deng Xiaoping
Deng was born August 22, 1904. He was born in Guang'an, China. Deng was a communist leader who ruled over China from the late 1970 to 1997. He incorporated parts of the free - enterprise system in the economy, but abandoned many communist doctrines. He was a very powerful leader during the time he lived. He died Feburay 19, 1997.
E- Economies
Market: It is a economic system in which the individual entrepreneur owns the supply and demand of a business or company. Examples is the Untied States, Great Britain, and Japan.

Mixed: An economic system in there are some government business designs and some businesses owned by individual.

Command: When the government owns the supply and demand of the business or company. Examples are Cuba, China, and Laos.

Traditional: This economy is based on culture, and customs. Examples is the Chad, Haiti, and Rwanda.
F- Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji is considered one of the three holy mountains. Fuji is the highest point in Japan, and is a very important element in Japanese Art. More than 200,000 climb to Mt. Fuji a year. Therefore, it is a very popular destination for people. The last eruption for Mt. Fuji was between 2000 and 2001.
G- Goods
Goods are substances that someone makes or grows. Goods are things that the economy wants. They are part of businesses. Goods are only things that can be consumable. They can be food, liquid, or air.
H-Himalaya Mountains
The Himalaya Mountains are located in Nepal. The reason they are called the Himalayas is because the word Himalayas means "Abode of Snow." They are the longest and highest mountain range in the world. The Himalaya Mountains also contains nine out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. It includes the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. Many people go to the Himalayas ever year and climb it, and every year they are more and more mesmerized by its beauty.
Place to Visit
India is 1,147,949 square miles, and it has a population of 1.24 billion. India has a Federal Republic, and it is the second - largest populated country in the world. India got its name from the River Indus, the valleys that were around the early settlers. Also, India exports software to over 90 countries now. India is a great place, home to many different people.

J - Judaism
Judaism is one of the oldest religion in the world. Judaism people are mostly located in Israel. Like other religions it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Judaism people are also known as Jews. Jews sacred text is the Torah. It is made up of commandments and jewish history, and is very important to the Jewish people.
K- Kurd/Kurdish
Kurdish have a population of 5 - 22 million. The religion that Kurdish people practice is Islam. They are the second - largest ethnic group in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Most Kurdish are located in Turkey, but are in other locations such as, Iran and Lebanon. Kurdish language is Kurdish, but their language borrows lots of Arabian and Persian words. Most Kurdish names are Arabian and Persian even though the mother usually names their children.
L- Location
Relative Location: The position of one place in relation to another. A few examples are, " Meet me at the Starbucks next to the park." or " My house is just east of the super market."

Absolute Location: The exact spot on the earth's surface where a place is found. An example is "Vancouver, British Columbia is located at 50 degrees North and 127 degrees West. "
M-Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi was born October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Kathiawar, India. He studied law, and then after awhile he turned to helping and supporting the rights for Indians. He wanted to gain rights for them where he called home, and in South Africa. Gandhi became the leader of India's Independence Movement, and he helped them only through non - violence. His goal was to help poor farmers and laborers protest against discrimination and high taxes. He helped India gain independence, and on August 15, 1947 Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of India.
N-Natural Resources
Things that come naturally in a country. Such as, trees, water, and land. The countries that have the most natural resources are the most wealthy. The reason is that the natural resources they can sell are sold. Of course, the other countries in the world that don't have that natural resources or need it, buy it. This makes the country that sold the item or items more wealthy but the minute. Natural resources are very important in today's world.
O- Oman
The country Oman is 1,000 miles long, and is on the southeast tip of Arabian Peninsula. It borders with the countries Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Oman also borders with 2 bodies of water. The 2 bodies of water are the Gulf of Oman, and the Arabian Sea. If you compared Oman to a state in the United States, Oman would be the size of Kansas. Oman government is a Absolute Monarchy, and it has a population of about 3.3 million.
Pakistan is nearly twice the size of California, so it's a big country. Pakistan population is 193,238,868. Pakistan got it name from the Urdu words
(meaning pure) and Stan (meaning country. In 1999, military rule was established, but then it 2001 nominal democracy was declared by the military leader. The president of Pakistan is Mamnoon Hussain.
Qur'an is the Islams holy text. Islam is a continuation of teachings from previous prophets. These writings are in the Qur'an. Islam believes that all prophets brought the same key message. They believe that message is to believe in one God, and not to associate any partners with him, and to stay away from sin throughout life and having a life that leads to god's pleasures. The Qur'an is the only reveled book that has the same information and form that it was found in. It has been preserved for over 1400 years.
R- Red Sea
Place to Visit
The Red Sea is a home to many creatures. It is known to be created by the plates splitting apart 30 million ago. The Red Sea also has 25 islands on it. These islands are mostly used for diving because the Red Sea has clear water. The amount of salt in the Red Sea is so high that it is one of the highest amounts in the world for an ocean with 3.6 to 3.8%. The Red Sea is also known as the Dead Sea because you can float and swim in it with no effort.
Current Issue
Slavery is a common issue in West Africa. They are starting to restart child labor. They are making the kids work in factories to produce chocolate. Slavery is when a person has another person do stuff for them, and they usually treat them badly with little or no pay. Slavery is and was a common issue in the world today. Slavery happened all around the world at one time, but then we realized that slavery wasn't a loyal and right thing to do. Although some countries still think it's fine today in the world.
Urban Cities
The Urban City that has the largest population in Africa is Lagos, Nigeria. It has 9.9 million people in Lagos. Urban Cities are places that people live. They are usually around a place with a lot of jobs, so people can live close to their jobs to support their families better. Urban Cities are in every country or state. Two Urban Cities in the United States are, New York and San Francisco.
Vietnam is a country in Asia, and it's official name is Socialist Republic of Vietnam. They have a Socialist Republic government, and there population is 92,477,857. Their official language is Vietnamese. Vietnam's currency name is Dong. Their economy is fueled by a lot of different industries. Some of the main ones are; crude oil, rice, shoes, wooden products, electronics, and clothing.
W-World Trade
World Trade is the term used to refer to economic relationships across the continents. The organization based around the idea of it is called WTO or World Trade Organization. It has helped establish international riles of how to trade goods and services between the various counties. The main function of this organization is to make sure that trade works smoothly and freely. This organization has a powerful impact on the economy of each nation.
X- X-Box in Asia
Alan Bowman, Microsoft’s regional vice president, Alan Bowman has commented about the release of the X-box One in Asia. Recently they announced that they will be releasing it later in Asia and some other markets. They explain that they are doing this as a "staged approach." They mentioned that they will be offering localized content once the console is available. Interestingly Japan is not on the currently list of Asian countries it will be released. People believe it is because the X-Box has not done well in Japan in the past so they are holding off on offering it there.
Last week there continued to be a lot of violence and death in Yemen. It's an area where there is fighting against the Al Qaeda. The report is that 42 people were killed on May 14, 2014 in southern Yemen. They state that 30 were Qaeda militants and 12 government troops. There was fighting in the streets between local militants and members of the local terrorist group. The fight lasted for hours and many homes and structures were destroyed.
Z-Mao Zedong
Tents- Bedouin Tents
Current Issue
Place to Visit
They are made of woven black goat's hair. Bedouins are nomads which makes sense when you learn that the Arabic term badawī translates in Arabic as "nomad" or "wanderer." The Arabs started using the tent form of living in ancient times. Many still use it today. They are convenient in that they are able to move about and use camels to transport their tent as they travel the desert. They were used as homes, shelters, shrines and were standard part of military equipment.
He was born on December 26, 1893, in Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China. Mao Zedong died in 1976. He was the chairman of the People's Republic of China from 1949 to 1959. He was the main leader of the Chinese Communist Party from 1935 until his death. Mao's is known for his "Great Leap Forward" and the Cultural Revolution. These wound up having terrible consequences. One of his more honorable goals was trying to focus China on being more self-reliant.

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