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History of Immigration in Canada

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Jessica Madoche

on 23 December 2010

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Transcript of History of Immigration in Canada

History of Immigration in Canada BY Jessica Creation of Immigration Categories under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
There are three categories that Canadian immigrants are classified in....
Family Class
Independent Immigrants
Refugees 2002 1914 The Komagata Maru Incident
People from India were allowed at the time to enter Canada only if they sailed directly from India to Canada without stopping. Since no shipping line offered this service, Canada's policy excluded immigrants from India! The people on the Komagata Maru were protesting this and were not allowed off of the ship when they reached Canada. People who supported this protest challenged this in court, but they lost the case. Canada forced the ship to return to India after two months. Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was created to replace the Immigration Act which was the main Federal Legislation regualting immigration in Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act establishes categories of who can come to Canada from other countires to make permanent homes in here. This act also lays out the objectives of the categories.
2002 Internment of Ukrainian Canadians
At the beginning of World War 1 Canada arrested people who were of Ukrainian or German descent because Canada was at war with Germany. Ukraine was within enemy territory. Canada did this under the War Measures Act and so they also took all the Ukrainian's and German's homes and possessions and they were forced to work at Internment Camps. Most of the workers were men, but some families went as well. The workers did not earn a wage. Even when the war ended Canada made the people stay in the camps and forced them to work for no wage. 1914 Internmentof Italian Canadians
Once again using the War Measures Act Canada arrested people. This time it was World War II and the people being arested were of Italian descent. Italy declared war on Canada on June 10, 1940. Mostly men were arrested, but sometimes families. Canada seized most of the prisoners possesions which affected about 700 people. 1940 1976 Refugees Being Added as an Immigration Category
Canada made refugees one of its immigration categories in 1976. This meant that Canada accepted refugees steadily instead of crisis by crisis like pervious years. In previous years like the 1950s and 1960s Canada only offered refugees shelter when there were specific world crises. My Sources
I used wikipedia, my text book and google images
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