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Prophet Suleyman and Prophet Dawood

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Rasha Hamza

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Prophet Suleyman and Prophet Dawood

The Rise Of A Hero
Once, when the two armies faced each other, Goliath challenged any soldier from King Saul's army to single combat. Dawood, with great courage stepped forward and accepted the challenge. The king dressed Dawood in battle armour and handed him a sword, but he removed the armour, then with a few pebbles and his sling in hand; he began to walk towards the enemy. When Goliath set eyes on Dawood who looked like a boy, he laughed loudly and roared: "Are you out to play war with one of your playmates, or are you tired of your life? I will simply cut off your head with one swipe of my sword!" Dawood shouted back: "You may have armour, shield, and sword, but I face you in the name of Allah, the Lord of the Israelites, Whose laws you have mocked. Today you will see that it is not the sword that kills but the will and power of Allah!" With that, he took his sling, swung and aimed it at Goliath. The pebble shot with the speed of an arrow and hit Goliath's head and he thumped to the ground, lifeless, before he had a chance to draw his sword. When the rest of his men saw their mighty leader slain, they ran cowardly. Dawood became a hero overnight. Saul kept his word and let him marry his daughter Miqel and took him under as his partner in rule.
Almighty Allah declared:
"So they routed them by Allah's Leave and David killed Goliath, and Allah gave him (David) the kingdom (after the death of Saul and Samuel) and wisdom, and taught him of that which He willed. And if Allah did not check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief. But Allah is full of Bounty to the Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exist).
(Ch 2:251 Quran).

After killing Goliath he went out into the desert to
glorify Almighty Allah and contemplate on His favors.
"Verily, We made the mountains to glorify Our Praises with him (David) in the Ashi (after the mid-day till sunset) and Ishraq (after the sunrise till mid-day). And (so did) the birds assembled: all with him (David) did turn (to Allah, glorified His Praises). We made his kingdom strong and gave him wisdom and sound judgment in speech and decision. (Ch 38:18-20 Quran)."

Creatures such as the plants, birds, beasts, and even the mountains joined with him to glorify Allah. Allah had chosen David to be a prophet and soon revealed the Psalms to him. He said: "And to David We gave the Psalms."
Prophet Dawood

Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Al-As narrated: Allah's Apostle (PBUH) said to me: "The most beloved fasting to Allah was the fasting of the Prophet Dawood, who used to fast alternate days. And the most beloved prayer to Allah was the prayer of Dawood, who used to sleep the first half of the night, and pray for one third of it and again sleep for a sixth of it.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari).
Perfect Prayer and Faithful Fasting
One day, while Dawood was praying, two men entered and disturbed him. "Who are you?" he asked. One of the men said: "Do not be frightened. We have a dispute and have come for your judgment." Dawood said: "What is it?" The first man said: "This is my brother who has ninety nine sheep, and I have one. He gave it to me but took it back." Dawood, without hearing from the other said: "He did you wrong by taking the sheep back, and many partners oppress one another, except for those who are believers." The two men vanished like a cloud, and Dawood realized that they were two angels sent to him to teach him a lesson.

Fair Judgement
“And Dawood guessed that We have tried him and he sought Forgiveness of his Lord, and he fell down prostrate and turned to Allah in repentance. So We forgave him that, and verily, for him is a near access to Us, and as good place of final return Paradise.” (Ch 38:21-26 Quran).
Prophet Dawood (PBUH), had 19 sons. Each of them hoped to inherit their father's throne. Allah revealed to Prophet Dawood a few questions and their answers and commanded him to put the questions to each one of his sons. Whoever answered those questions correctly, would inherit the throne. One day Prophet Dawood called all his sons in the presence of the scholars and the chiefs of the tribes of his kingdom. He then asked the following questions. The sons of Prophet Dawood felt helpless and could not answer any of these questions. Then the youngest of the sons, Prophet Suleyman (PBUH) stood up and gave the following answers.Prophet Dawood (PBUH) obviously, was very much impressed with these correct answers and appointed Prophet Suleyman (PBUH) as his heir.
Rise to King
1) Which thing is closest (nearest) to man?
2) Which is the farthest thing?
3) Which two things are attached to each other?
4) Which is the most awe-creating thing?
5) Which two things remain unchanged?
6) Which two things are always different?
7) Which two things are opposed to each other?
8) What is the action the result of which is good?
9) What is that action the result of which is bad?

1. The nearest thing to a man is the hereafter (Life and Death - as one may die any moment).
2. The farthest thing is the time which has passed away (which is not to come again).
3. The two things that are attached to each other is man's body with the soul.
4. The most awe-creating is the man's body (dead) without soul.
5. The two things which remain the same are the sky and the earth.
6. The two things which are different are the day and night.
7. The two things which are opposed to each other are life and death.
8. The action - the end of which is good - is patience and forbearance at the time of anger.
9. The action - the end of which is bad is
haste at the time of anger.

"And We verily gave knowledge to Dawood and Suleyman and they said: praise be to Allah Who has preferred us above many of his believing sons". (27: I5)
The Prophet Suleyman (PBUH) inherited many virtues from his father. He had many special gifts. One of them was that he could control the winds and he could easily make long journeys in a blink of an eye.

"And (We made) the wind subservient to Suleyman where of the morning course was a month's journey and the course a month's journey." (54:12)
"So We subjected the wind to his power, setting fair by his command whether ever he intended" (38:36)
"And unto Sulaiman We subdued the wind in its raging. It flows by his order towards the land which We had blessed And of everything We are aware." (21:81)

The Prophet Sulaiman (PBUH) was also gifted with the understanding of the speech of birds, animals and insects and talking to them.

"He (Suleyman) said: O' People! We have been taught the language of the birds and have been given (abundance) of all things; this is indeed grace manifest (from Allah)."

He was also given the power over Jinns. He used them in his service. They carried out his order. It is stated that the Jinns also helped him in the construction of the Holy Temple – Bait-ul Muqaddas (Masjid Aqsa).

"And before Sulaiman were marshalled his hosts--of Jinns, and men and birds and they were all in order and ranks." (21: 17)

"And Dawood (pbuh) and Suleyman (pbuh) when they gave judgement concerning the field, when people's sheep had strayed and browsed therein by night; and We were witnesses to their judgement. And We made Suleyman to understand (the case); and unto each of them We gave judgement and knowledge." (21: 78, 79)
One day Suleyman gathered his army, and marched them to the country of Askalon. While they were passing through a valley, an ant saw the approaching army and cried out to warn the other ants: "Run to your homes! Otherwise, unaware, Suleyman and his army might crush you!" Suleyman, hearing the cry of the ant, smiled. He was glad that the ant knew him to be a prophet who would not intentionally harm Allah's creation. He thanked Allah for saving the ants' lives.

Suleyman and the Ants
Fair Judgement
• Prophet Suleyman (AS) was the son of Prophet Dawood (AS). He not only inherited prophet hood but kingship of Israel as well.
• They were both known for their strength, wisdom, judgement, and devotion to Allah.
• They were both given incredible gifts by Allah but used it wisely. For e.g. Prophet Suleyman (PBUH) asked the jinns to build a masjid, a place of worship for Allah.
• Although Prophet Suleyman did not receive a large mission or a Holy Book like Prophet Dawood, his most important achievement was spreading Islam and inspiring Bilqees, the Queen of Sheba into joining Islam.
• Many lessons can be learnt from both Prophets/

Personal Reflection
Both Prophet Dawood and Prophet Suleyman are great men and role models. There are thousands upon thousands of lessons, both big and small that we can learn. Personally, what I learnt is that both Prophet Dawood and Prophet Suleyman had great courage to do what is necessary. I believe this courage was drawn on from their love and faith in Allah (SWT). All prophets in fact, seem to share this quality. Their undeniable endless faith has given them many appealing virtues such as courage, wisdom, bravery, strength, truth, and so much more. A true leader anywhere leads, not by forcing others to bow before him but by inspiring others to stand with him. And, Prophet Dawood, and Prophet Suleyman are just that.
Other teachings we can see is appreciating everything. We now live in a world where we are in our own little bubble away from harm and adversity. Our life is made easy and we quickly forget what life really is. We forget how lucky we are when we aren’t sick, when we have food, water, shelter, clothes, education, families… We pass by each day without stopping, oblivious to the fact that we are luckier than 80% of the world. Most importantly, we stray AWAY from the path of Islam. We forget to remember and thank Allah (SWT). This absent-mindedness will lead to the wrong path. People are already doing this today, replacing praying with useless things like watching TV. Even I can see my classmates have strayed away. Personally, I do this to as it is hard to quit when it has been your routine for so long. But, I take time and the end of each day, before I go to sleep and contemplate on my day and thank Allah (SWT). My goal is to not only do this more often but to inspire others to do this as well. Islam will build our community, but we have to build Islam first.
Another lesson is equality in Islam. No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, no matter if you’re black or white, we are all brothers and sisters in Islam. Islam is our family, we are all equal. Sadly, we are straying from this and forgetting this. Our lifestyle has now lead us to living in apartments, in our own house, in our own bubble. We are not a community. We don’t communicate, we aren’t familiar to everyone, we don’t depend or rely on others, and we don’t trust each other.
Is our current lifestyle truly safe? If it’s leasing us away from Islam, is it worth it?


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