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A Cell is like Volleyball!

No description

Xylah Brandes

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of A Cell is like Volleyball!

The cell membrane has the job of regulating the passage of materials in and out of the cell. This keeps harmful things out of the cell and protects the organelles so they continue to function properly, similar to the role a coach of a volleyball team plays. The coach is the one person who controls who goes on the court and who will come off of the court during a game. Taking someone who is injured or playing with a bad attitude off the court, and sending in another player to get the team back on track. The cell membrane is to the cell, as the coach is to the team players. A Cell is like volleyball by: Xy'lah Brandes The cell wall is to the cell, as the blockers are to the back row. The front row hitters have the job of making the points for the team. In order to make the points they need to slam/hit the ball over the net and get a kill, meaning to make the ball untouchable to the blockers and making it hard for the other players to pick up and pass to the setters. Ribosomes are similar to this because their job it to make the proteins for the cell. By making the proteins for the cell it connects to the RNA. These two things both have the job of making what is needed, to happen. The ribosomes are to the proteins, as the hitters are to the points. The mitochondria uses energy from food to make high ATP energy compounds, just like the energy from the warm up drills make the intensity level of the players increase. The mitochondria is to energy as the warm up drills are to the energy to the players. The nucleus is to the cell, as the setter is to the ball. A cell and the sport of volleyball are alike in more ways than you can imagine. A cell is the basic unit of structure and function in living things. It is a tiny group that must act together as one large "unit", just like how a volleyball team is very small yet plays together as one team. There are certain functions and jobs for each part inside of the cell that must be completed. In comparison each position in volleyball has a certain responsibility to be accomplished, especially when playing during a game. Without having this neither things would be able to function properly. How is a cell and volleyball alike? In every cell the nucleus is the control center. Basically giving out orders to each organelle and telling them what they should be doing with the DNA that is stored inside of them. Just like the setter on a volleyball team because the setter is the one that has control of the ball. Once that volleyball goes onto their side of the court the setter is already calling out orders for each team member, like how the nucleus does for each specific organelle. The setter controls where the ball is going to, or who will be hitting that last ball over the net and onto the other side of the court. Both the cell membrane and the coach of a volleyball team are the one thing that prevents something from bringing down the whole "unit" or team. The job of the blockers on a volleyball team is to protect the players on the court. They protect the players on the court by blocking the ball that is coming over the net (from the opposite side), and preventing the ball from hitting the ground if the other players can't make it to that spot in time. Just like how the cell membrane protects the cell. It acts as a protective barrier, and keeps the content of the cell safe. The job of the Golgi apparatus is to receive the proteins that were made inside of the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The Golgi apparatus takes on the role of modifying, sorting, and packaging the proteins that they receive. With these proteins they will do one of the other, store them inside of the cell or they will be secreted outside of the cell. The Golgi apparatus is to the proteins as the stretches are to the teams activity. These two things are similar by movement. The cytoskeleton has the job of allowing the cells to move along with the organelles, since the organelles of a cell do not float freely in the cytoplasm. The players are similar because this is what is moving the volleyball during the game. Once a player gets the ball they will move it to the setter on the court by either setting of passing it. They are the reason the ball gets movement during the game, while the cytoskeleton is the reason that the cells get movement to be with organelles. The cytoskeleton is to the cells/organelles as the volleyball is to the game. The Rough ER is to the proteins as the bus is to the players. The job of the rough ER is to transport the proteins that they make from the ribosomes, to where is it needed in the cell. The rough ER is similar to the school bus by transportation. School buses are the way that all of the players can be transported to wherever they need to go. Either from school to the games, or from the games back to the school, the bus is the main way of transportation for the volleyball team. Just like the job that the rough ER plays in the cell.
The way that the Golgi apparatus and the stretches are a like is the way that they both prepare things. The Golgi apparatus prepares the proteins, while the stretches prepare the players for warm-ups. It is always important to have a good stretch before any game because you do not want to take the risk of pulling or hurting any muscle. By following through with the stretches its prepares and looses those muscles! The similarity between these two things are they both create. The warm up drills play an important role of energizing and pumping up the players before their game. The warm up drills get the players into the hang of things such as passing, setting, hitting and digging. All things done when they will be playing a game. The mitochondria is the "power house" of the cell, or gets it going and creates energy for the cell. Similar to the role that the warm up drills serve to the players. The vacuoles are to carbohydrates as the managers are to the equipment. A vacuole is a storage area which is inside of the cell. The vacuole stores thing such as carbohydrates, water, waste products, salts, foods, and proteins. They store all of these things until needed. Volleyball managers have a similar job as vacuoles. They have the responsibility of storing the equipment until they are needed. The equipment that the managers take responsibility for is the volleyballs, the nets, the poles, the baskets, and water for the players during the game. These two are similar because they make/create things. Centrioles are organelles composed of microtubles. Their main purpose is to produce cytoskeleton. The lysosomes are to food as the janitors are to the gym. A lysosome is a very strong digestive enzyme. Its function is breaking down lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. The lysosomes break these items into smaller molecules in which it can be used by the rest of the cell. These lysosomes also "clean up" any debris that might build up in the cell, and also they recycle own's organic materials by breaking down into their building blocks, and then returning them to the cytoplasm so it can be reused. This is similar to the job of a janitor. The similarities is that janitors have to job of cleaning up after any event heald in the school. They too clean up and rid any debris that are left in the gym after the games, and they break down the net and poles so that the managers can put them away and can be reused in the future again. A janitor and lysosomes are more similar than I thought. Centrioles are to the cytoskeleton as the manufacturers are to the volleyball. The manufacturers of volleyball's are similar to centrioles in a cell. Just how centrioles have that one main purpose, so do the manufacturers. The main purpose is to basically make the volleyball, so that it can be used in the wonderful sport all over the world. Without having centrioles a lot of the functions in the cell could be thrown off, just as if the manufacturers of a volleyball didn't exist the sport of volleyball wouldn't be the same.
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