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Copy of Describe the characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry

No description

abdi asim

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Describe the characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry

Industry specific skills Technical knowledge This knowledge is about that one must have the idea of solution to solve a problem. Also, this includes having the understanding of the IT world and how technical IT works.

For this kind of IT skill it could be used in the work of Web Developer. Working Procedures Health and Safety knowledge In IT, this skill is very important as it affects your health. If people does not know how dangerous technical equipment are, they could get hurt very badly.However, with people who know about IT Health and safety, it could help them greatly.

It would be used in some jobs like Technical Consultant as in some work they would have to know about the Health and Safety issues. It is the skill of following work sequence and structure on time. This is very important in IT so you would know what exactly you would do next.

These skills could be applied in a Programmers job, as they need to follow many structures to work. General Skills Interpersonal Skills This skill revolves around being able to communicate with others comfortably and easily. Can interact and listen also understand their thoughts and ideas. The job for this may include selling IT products. Planning Skills Organisational Skills Team Working Having this skill can contribute to many project works with others. It could benefit both yourself and also the team as you can think of many ideas and solve many sort of problem together.

A technical support may require some team work to work together. Time management Being able to know how to deal with time can help out a lot at jobs that requires a time limit. Set each limit so that it can save and use the time you have wisely.

Technical Support is the job that requires more time and able to meet deadlines. Numeric Skills Can calculate and can manage numbers knowingly. Is familiar and can understand numeric data. Using this skill makes it easier to spot numeric mistake.

This skill is best for the Business Analyst since the job deals with information including number data. Creativity Having the creative skill is effective in looking into small details and making artistic graphical designs.

The best job for this is definately a Web Developer, you can be as creative as you want to be and participate with others with the same interest. Maybe a Multimedia Producer job is much more suitable. To be able to plan out your whole schedule makes your whole job easier and also faster rather than randomly doing work. This skill lets you see clearer your free time and what type of work you have next.

An IT Project Manager if the ideal job for this as you plan and also solve problems making jobs run more smoothly. This is the skill where you organise work, job role, and management to co-operate with others. It is best to have this skill if you would want a job like Senior Executive Problem Solving To solve a problem requires thinking and understanding of what a problem is. It is important to have this skill to deal with any kind of situation.

A programmer may need this skill to solve some problems when things suddenly come up Attitudes Determined Independant Intergrity Tolerant Dependable Leadership Confidence Self-moltivation A dependable attitude can gain the trust of your colleages, pay attention to details and they would leave you jobs that they would think you are capable of doing. Being a Web developer is ideal for this job. Having tolerance is very important to the path of being a Senior Executive, you would need to look after your fellow workers and help them more if they make any mistakes. Being able to lead you group of workers is an achievable skill.They would absolutely follow your orders and make everything run more quickly. This skill is mostly used at the IT Project Manager job. Many people would need this skill to present presentations to co-workers or promote products to customers. This is the most important skill since working as a techinical salesperson and consultant must need; also being a team leader should be also to speak confidantly as well. A person who has a goal straight ahead can make things to go as they want. Having a aim can make a person much more focused and determined.The ideal job for this could be a programmer. If you could work alone and not depend on others it is a skill that you could figure out solutions youself, a job like a system analyst would be best. Having moltivation can lift up your heavy spirits while doing an incredible hard work. Example of this job is being a techinical salesperson while persuading people to buy products. This skill regards people who has honesty and consistency. The job that needs this the most is being a business analyst.
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