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Crime Scene Display

No description

Sanjana Menon

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Crime Scene Display

Ethel Rogers
Ethel Rogers was killed most probably by an overdose of sleeping pills, the result of which was her inability to wake up in the morning. Dr. Armstrong prescribed her a sedative after she fainted the previous night before, so it would've been extremely easy for him to give Mrs. Rogers an overdose (someone call the doctor) or even an entirely different medicine, which killed her.

It is stated, " 'She didn't have nothing last night,
sir, except what you gave her...' "
John Macarthur
John Macarthur was killed of being hit by a blunt object to the back of the head. Dr. Armstrong was the person who went to check on him, and reported him dead, so he could have easily killed him in that time, and considering none of the other guests are doctors, it would be relatively simple to fool them into believing that he was killed before Armstrong went to check.
Emily Brent
Emily Brent died of by an injection of Cyanide Potassium directly into the bloodstream via a hypodermic needle. Dr. Armstrong's hand in this
is blatantly obvious, as he was the only one who even brought a needle to the island. Since he is a doctor, akin to Marston's case, obtaining the poison would be extremely easy. He already seemed to dislike her, and had dreams of killing her, which is an indication towards her imminent death.
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers was killed by a deep wound to the back of his head with an axe. Emily Brent was wandering around the island at that time, and it is plausible that she killed him. However, we know this is a red herring, as she gets killed in the very next chapter. We believe that Dr. Armstrong did it, as he seems very certain of how the killer did it, which he would only know for certain if he was the killer himself.
And then there were none...
Anthony Marston
Anthony Marston was killed by Cyanide Potassium, which was put in his drink. Emily Brent, while all the other guests were in another room, did not move from her seat. However, the cyanide was something a doctor could easily procure for medical purposes, which is why it is plausible that Dr. Armstrong killed him. Additionally, he was very alarmed and irritated that Tony was speeding on the road, so he definitely had motive to kill him.

Death Timeline
Crime Scene Display
By: Sanjana Menon, Ayushee Kalura, and Vaishnavi Duvvuri
Lawrence Wargrave
Lawrence Wargrave was murdered by a bullet wound to the forehead, when the other guests rushed up to Vera's room after hearing her scream. I believe Dr. Armstrong was able to complete this murder, because since he was the last one up, while everyone else was fussing over Ms. Claythorne, he could've quickly shot the judge, dressed him up, and made his way before anyone could have noticed, as they were all too
fixated on Vera.
Edward Armstrong
William Blore
Philip Lombard
He comments, " 'This speeding's all wrong-all wrong! Young men like you are a danger to the community.' "
"Rogers said quickly, 'I will go down and inform him that luncheon is ready.' Dr. Armstrong jumped up. 'I'll go.' he said. 'You others start lunch.' "
Vera Claythorne
Vera Claythorne suicided by hanging herself. However, a noose and the hook was already in her room, enticing her to do it. Edward Armstrong, being a doctor, was the only one who understood the pyschological effects of the murder Claythorne commited, and could've easily set up the scene to force her to kill herself before he himself suicided.
"Emily Brent, of course. It was Emily Brent that he had to kill. How malicious her eyes were!"
Since Edward Armstrong was who we believed to be the killer, my group assumed that he first killed Blore, and in order to fufill the nusery rhyme, he threw himself into the ocean, where his body became another red herring that lead Vera and Philip to believe that the other was the killer, thus making all ten people who arrived on the island dead.
Philip Lombard was shot by Vera Claythorne, who believed that Lombard was the killer after Armstrong's body washed ashore, proving him to be "innocent" and making the other person the murderer. Lombard was shot using his own revolver, a kind of irony in its own.
William Blore's head was crushed in by a
a block of marble shaped like a bear, the weapon being in Vera Claythorne. While setting up a pyschological scene for Vera to hang herself, Dr. Armstrong could've pushed the bear out of the window, killing Blore. Then he could've suicided, and afterwards, as Vera and Philip were walking around the island,
they would've discovered it and turned on each other.
" 'Perfectly clear.' said Armstrong. 'The murderer must have crept behind him, swung the chopper once, and brought it down on his head as he was bending over.' "
1st death: Anthony Marston; during evening hours in the drawing room; August 8th
3rd death: General John Gordon Macarthur; during afternoon hours outside of the house; August 9th
5th death: Emily Brent; in the morning after breakfast in the dining room; August 10th
7th death: Dr. Armstrong; in the night near the dining room window; August 10th
9th death: Philip Lombard; in the evening outside the house near the sea; August 11th
2nd death: Ethel Rogers; overnight in her bedroom while she was sleeping; August 9th
4th death: Thomas Rogers; in the early morning in the washhouse across the yard; August 10th
6th death: Justice Wargrave; in the in the mid-evening in the drawing room; August 10th
8th death: William Blore; on the terrace on the east side in the morning; August 11th
10th death: Vera Claythorne; in the evening after Lombard’s death in her bedroom; August 11th
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