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The Five Regions Of Georgia

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Marrea Sutton

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The Five Regions Of Georgia

The Five Regions Of
Georgia There are five regions in Georgia The coastal plain is located in the south part of Georgia. It's a flat region with low hills. Climate:Hot summers cool winters.The coastal plains is located by the sea. Pine trees, peanuts and cotton grow in this region.Some tourist attractions are The Okefenokee swamp, and The Barrier Islands. The Coastal Plain
Cycle By The Sea The Piedmont The Piedmont makes up 1/3 of Georgia. It's located in the middle part of Georgia.This area has cool winters and hot summers.Precipitation is greater in the north than in southern parts of the Piedmont.A Piedmont is an area at or near the foot of a mountain and it's mostly flat.rolling hills and lakes are found in the region.the Piedmont doesn't have alot of resources but they use water from the fall line for power.about 1/2of the people in Georgia live in the Piedmont (293,521 people).The Piedmont region of Georgia has a diverse economy ranging in many different industries.Some in this region are Zoo Atlanta,Six Flags, and the Georgia Aquarium. The Ride and Valley covers 5% and is located in the north part of Georgia.It's climate is mostly cold and temperate.Some physical features are Pigeon Mountain, Taylor Ridge, and Rock town.Natural resources that are in this region are Surface water, timber, and coal.About 360,000 people live in this region. Some tourist attractions within this region are Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, and The Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway. The Valley And Ridge Take your RV to the R and V The Blue Ridge covers 3% and is located in the Northeast corner of Georgia.It's made mostly of sand, clay, mountains, caves, and ridges. some natural recourse are lakes, minerals, wildlife, canyons, and waterfalls.The climate is mild summers and cold winters. There are great amounts of rainfall.the population is about 1,360 people.Some tourist attractions in the Blue Ridge are The Rich Mountain wilderness, The Amicaloa State Park, and tThe Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The Blue Ridge
It's MARBLElous The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest region in Georgia. It covers 1% and is located in the northwest corner of Georgia.The climate is temperate and humid winter there's very little precipitation.Most of this region is made of mountains, and caves. lookout mountain, sand mountain, and cloud land canyon are some of this regions physical features.Natural resources are Surface water, timber, and coal.Population in Appalachian Plateau is about 90,670. A tourist attraction in this region is Look Out Mountain. The Appalachian Plateau
It's where The Trail Starts
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