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Being Apple: Steve Jobs

205KM Management & Organisational BehaviourCase Study 5 Present

Serena Li

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Being Apple: Steve Jobs

Apple Computer Company
Computer Hardware
Company Computer (Apple II)
Personal Computer (Macintosh) Industry - Technology 5 Key traits of successful leader Being Apple 2007
Launched iPhone Styles
Leadership Autocratic Bureaucratic Democratic Charismatic Laissez-faire People-oriented Task-oriented Transformational Transactional Steve Jobs Energetic
Inspire Enthusiasm
Believe in themselves
Great responsibility by Burns model

Vision of future
High levels of Motivation & Commitment
Higher Ideas & Values
Justice, Loyalty & Trust
Transform Performance Leadership Style is Charismatic &Transformational Worked at Apple Inc. as CEO 205KM Management & Organisational Behaviour
Case Study 5 BSc in BIT Serena Li 52834298
Yeung Ka Man 53064421
Huen Chun Ki 53064906 1984
Launched the Macintosh and Lisa 2 Source:smashinglists.com Source:timelines.latimes.com/steve-jobs/ RIP on 05 October 2011 Born on 24 February 1955 1976
Founded the Apple Computer Company
with Steve Wozniak Objective - Study Jobs' traits References To conclude #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 In summary 5 traits of successful leader Creative Confidence Traits Overview the leadership and management 1977
Success established Apple II Fearlessness Communication Skills Strong vision Hot- tempered Strive for perfection Curiosity Two industries Technology
Apple Computer Company
NeXT Computer Company

Pixar Animation Studios
Disney 1980
Apple Computer went publish Industry - Technology NeXT Computer Company
Computer Software
WebObject Industry - Multimedia Pixar Animation Studios
Computer Graphics Operation
Animation Movies (e.g.Toys’ Story) 1985
Fell out with Apple board

Founded Next Computer Company 1983 Characteristics in Two industries Three main characteristics
in Technology and Multimedia Industry

Rapid market change
Fast technological development
Considerable turbulence Conditions for survival in these industries Curiosity
Watch and learn more differ information
Keep change and improvement
Clarify the market needs
Create the new things let the market needs Combine Technology and Multimedia Apple Inc.
The innovation mobile phone - iPhone
Voice Call (Mobile phone)
Touch Screen & Entertainment (iPod)
User can control the phone by finger
Music with iTunes
Web browsing, E-mail, Search and map features (PC)
Apps (Application) 1986
Founded Pixar Animation Studios Launched Lisa computer Hired John Sculley for corporate manager 1998
Launched iMac 1996
Apple bought Next and hired Jobs as consultant 1997
Apple Installed Steve Jobs as interim CEO Source:bestappleiapple.blogspot.com Leadership and Management 1999
Launched iBook laptop 2010
Introduced iPad 2001
Apple adopted ‘i’ prefix

Successful iPod music player Management:
Getting things done through other people in order to achieve stated organizational objectives The Difference Between Management and Leadership Leadership:
Emphasis on interpersonal behavior
Associated with the willing and enthusiastic behavior of followers.
Give inspiration and vision to company
Strong vision of the change
Influence subordinate 1990s
Apple was experiencing significant financial problem 2000
“interim” is dropped from Jobs' CEO title The Difference Between Management and Leadership 2003
Launched iTunes music store Must go hand in hand
Not the same thing
Necessarily linked and complementary
Any effort to separate the two is likely to cause more problems than it solves Strong Vision To lead, you must have a goal / aim Give direction to subordinate Great Communication Skills Confidence Give you power to make choice Make people believe in you Talk is important Help leading and impressing People Integrity You have to pay full attention to get things done To be in the one to lead High Appeal Look for the best and better Higher performance Have Strong Vision Confidence in their believe http://voices.yahoo.com/seven-leadership-traits-steve-jobs-9152269.html




http://www.forbes.com/sites/augustturak/2011/11/21/steve-jobs-and-the-one-trait-all-innovative-leaders-share/ High appealing to ideas & values Perform Great Communication Skill Be Integrity of the company http://thechrisvossshow.com/list-of-steve-jobs-traits-that-are-in-every-successful-entrepreneur/




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