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No description

Summer Jones

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Summer

Summertime Madness
final battle

final battle
the sun saw summer defeat the hurricane, and helped bring the trees and her safely back to the road.
Everyone returned back home, and Summer used the sun's power of heat to make everything grow and blossom. No longer would they hurt due to cold windy days! This made everyone during this season of summer happy, and waiting for the warm weather to come again!
Summer knew that the oxygen the plants were creating would slow the hurricane down, and that by keeping the heat still it would eventually leave it powerless. Soon they would all be free!
summer thought about all of the things everyone has done to help her, and knew why she could never give up. "How can I use the power of sunlight and warmth?" she asked herself. Then suddenly, she remembered the process of photosynthesis! she used the sunlight to provide enough lights for the plants to create oxygen, and used the warmth to slow the hurricane down.
Once in the eye of the hurricane, summer met all of the trees that had been uprooted, and told them about the plan that would defeat the evil hurricane. The trees and the grasses, wanting to be replanted, decided to help summer and went along with her plan.
She could see the hurricane getting closer, and knew that she couldn't leave this spot because she had to beat the hurricane, but the hurricane saw her too and sent horrible winds her way. Summer thought about the warmth the sun gave her and with all her strength pushed back until hurricane was finally right in front of her.
crossing the threshold
As summer was trying to go stop the evil hurricane, the clouds blocked her way. They wanted summer to prove that she could stop the hurricane and not make the situation worse by making the hurricane angry. Summer proved this to the clouds, by regenerating the health of plants that had been uprooted by the hurricane. after seeing her strength, the clouds let her pass by and showed her the fastest way to where the hurricane was.
Supernatural helpers
The sun noticed what was happening to summer, and waited until it was rising the next day to offer her the gift of warmth and sunlight. Warmth could help stop the horrible winds that would destroy all of the trees, and bring peace to the land.
call to adventure
Soon after the first day of summer as all of the trees and grass were growing, a hurricane came to ruin the new season. It couldn't wait to uproot all of the trees and grass that summer was trying so hard to help.
At the end of every spring, a new summer begins, a time when everything comes to life.
Created by:
Summer Jones and Paul Lim :)

the end
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