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Circulatory System

Effects of Marathon Running on the Circulatory System

Sally Kim

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Circulatory System

System in
Homeostasis Effects of
Running Symptoms of
Leaving Homeostasis To get back to
Homeostasis The Circulatory System The End consists of...
the heart
capillaries Increased
heart rate (because
heart has to supply
body with
more oxygen) Increased blood pressure
(because of increased
heart rate) Sugar is burned up
so blood glucose
levels decrease Needs more oxygen
(because oxygen
used to make ATP) Heart attack
could occur if the
heart is being
worked too hard Angina (chest pains because
heart is pumping hard) Raise body
(body is working
extra hard and heat
is released with ATP) Hit the “Wall”
(CNS fatigue)
Blood vessels expand
to be nearer
to the surface
and cool down
Eat carbohydrates
(more energy to burn!)
Stop running if things
become too serious helps stablize body temperature
(capillaries expand to be near
the surface when it's too hot
so heat can escape & vice versa) helps stablize pH
(by maintaining
carbon dioxide levels) pumps blood
through out
the body
of the body
if not used to
running so much Drink water!
to prevent
dehydration Feel faint
because of
fast heart rate Nervous system
tells body to release
the hormone adrenaline Body sweats
to get back to
normal temperature dehydration
(thickens the blood
so the heart has
to work harder) transports materials
(ex. water, nutrients,
waste, oxygen, etc. back to homeostasis ...
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