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Bienvenidos! Azambuja

No description

Lara Azambuja

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of Bienvenidos! Azambuja

Señora Azambuja

Course Objectives
In alignment with NJCCCS 7.1, SWBAT:
use Spanish to communicate and engage in meaningful conversation
make connections with other cultures
Major Assessments - 50%
tests + projects
Minor Assessments - 30%
participation (los puntos) + quizzes
Independent Assessments - 20%
homework + classwork
Contact Information
Exta help day: Monday in room 107


6th Grade Guidance Counselor: Dana Griggs
1. Course Objectives
2. Grading
3. Texbook
4. Contact Information
5. Exit Slip
6th Grade Spanish
"A different language is a different vision of life."
-Federico Fellini
Textbook used in class along with various other informational resources.
"Buzz words"
"los puntos"
- points given for participation grade each week
"los boletos"
- tickets given for positive behavior and following classroom procedures
"frase de semana"
- a unique Spanish phrase given each week
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