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PayPal - an information system

PayPal as an information system

Oliver Kleyn

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of PayPal - an information system

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial information.
But how does it work?
PayPal acts like a digital wallet where you can securely store all your payment options, such as your bank account and credit card,
And then lets you send money to each other via email, without letting either party see the other's credit card or bank information
After you register your email adress and link it to your bank details, Paypal encrypts this data and stores it so the only person who can see it is you.
Then paypal uses your email adress to represent all of your information, and automaticaly completes the actions to transfer money, using tht information linked to the adress.
PayPal acts as the middleman holder of your money.
How does PayPal affect its environment?
Paypal has a huge impact on its environment

Makes the users life alot easier

Hundreds of thousands of online stores using PayPal.
What is the need?
Everyone wants to make there life more simple and safe.
Roles in Information processes
1. Participants
the participant are the critical factor in the
sucess of the information system, if no one uses paypal, or paypal gets a bad reputation, it will fail.
2. Data/Information
Paypal requires data to function, "PayPal remember ur details so you dont have to".
3. Information Technology
Paypal uses information technology so paypal can do all the hard work for you. Paypal has used information technology to securely store and encrypt your information, and to allow transfers of money using these details, but without revealing them
Information processes
1. Collecting
When the user enters their details
2. Organising
Links the details with your email and password
3. Analysing
Turning the data into information
4. Storing and Retrieving
Encrypting and storing in a place that is easily retrievable by the user
5. Processing
when the information is updated/ modified
6. Transmiting and recieving
using the information to transfer money
7. Displaying
how the information system is presented to the user, the interface.
5. Processing
3. Analysing
4. Storing & Retrieving
6. Transmitting & Recieving
7. Displaying
1. Collecting
The user enters their data
2. Organising
Links the data with
their email and password
Turning the data into information
Encrypting and dtoreing the data in a place that is easily accesible by the user
When the information is updated / modified
How the information is displayed to the user, the interface
Using the information to transfer money
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