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A School Of Cells

No description

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of A School Of Cells

A School Of Cells

ribosomes are organelles that read
instructions to build proteins from DNA.
They can either be found attached to
the rough endoplasmic reticulum, or free in
the cytoplasm. They are analogous to students
in that they can be found all over the cell.
Students can be found all over a school.
Nucleus :Main Office
The nucleus serves as the brain of
the cell. It controls the cell and
protects DNA. It has a
nuclear membrane, a nucleolus,
and chromosomes. Like the nucleus,
the main office is where many of the
important decisions take place.
Also, it is made up people inside the
main office that make their own
specific decisions.
The Cell is like a high school
The ER works to make membranes
(smooth ER), and help complete
proteins (rough ER).
The rough ER has ribosomes attached
to it, and the smooth ER does not. The
ER is like hallways because it serves as a
passageway for ribosomes. The hallways of a
school serve as a passageway
for students.
Golgi Apparatus:Mail room
The Golgi Apparatus finishes,
sorts, labels, and
ships proteins in vesicles. They are
made of membrane sacs. It is
to the mail room because the mail
room finishes and
ships letters/packages to the
school staff.
Cell Membrane:Main Entrances
The cell membrane is made up of double
layers of fat. it is a phospholipid bilayer.
It separates the cell from the
outside, controls what enters and leaves
the cell, and recognizes signals from other
cells. The main entrances
of the school also separate the school
from the outside
and it allows things to come into/go out
of the school.
Lysosomes' main jobs are to help
digest food, and
clean up waste. They are made of
digestive enzymes
and are a membrane bound vesicle.
Janitors in a school system help
keep the school clean. Lysosomes
help keep
the cell clean.
Nucleous :Principle
The nucleolus is considered
the brain/head of the
nucleus. It contains the DNA, it has
the instructions to make proteins, and
is used during cellular reproduction.
The principle is like the head
of the main office. He makes the
final decision
and is the main person
in the office. The nucleolus is the main
part in the nucleus.
The cytoplasm is a jellylike
substance that holds
all the cell organelles in place.
While the floors
of a school are not jellylike,
they do hold the
school together.
The mitochondria is an organelle
that makes ATP from cellular
respiration. Its structure is a double membrane. This is like the cafeteria
because the cafeteria makes food
for the students attending the
The vesicle of the cell transports
materials throughout the cell.
It is made of membrane
sacs. The vesicle is like a backpack.
Backpacks transport school
materials throughout the
school for the students.
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