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ELA Strategies for Rigor & Relevance

No description

Kelly Bishop

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of ELA Strategies for Rigor & Relevance

ELA Strategies for Rigor & Relevance
First Things First
intro & welcome -->sign in
vote/feedback for planning future sessions
attendance policies

Deeper Reading
Goals for this session:
Learn strategies to teach our students how to read text at a deeper and richer level.
Learn how to plan lessons that move beyond surface-level questions (and push them to infer, analyze, synthesize, & evaluate.)
Learn how to build scaffolds for challenging texts.
*source: Kelly Gallagher's
Deeper Reading
Reading Carefully
1st Draft Reading
Students need a reading focus
Students need to embrace confusion
Students should learn to monitor their comprehension
Text Frames with gaps, Twenty Questions, character charts, focus groups
2nd Draft Reading
Return to the text & focus on 3 Key Questions:
1) What does it say?
2) What does it mean?
3) What does it matter?
Higher Level Thinking in Small Groups
Can we save this for a future session?
Using Metaphor to Deepen Comprehension
(Intangible item) is like a (tangible item) because __________. OR
(Character Name) is like a ________ because ______
Framing Activities
Wrap Up
K. Fisher-Bishop
Anticipation Guides
Theme Spotlights
Focus Poem
Daily Focus Questions
The Word Game
Interrupted Summary
One Question & One Comment
Word Scramble Prediction

The boy's love for Miss Brown is like a _______ because ____
The chain of events in this novel is like a ____ because ____
The mood in this novel is like a ____ because ____
The writing style in this novel is like a ____ because ____
We learned about strategies for framing, reading carefully, and creating metaphors.
homework: use a strategy this week, and write a brief reflection. Bring a student sample, if possible.
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