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Queens Memory mission and partners, dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing the histories of Queens residents.

Natalie Milbrodt

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of AHA_2015

Democratizing the Archives
Natalie Milbrodt
Associate Coordinator, Metadata Services
Queens Library


Visit us online: www.queensmemory.org
Each donor's folder contains:
1. Digital objects
2. Accession form
3. Photo of donor
4. Signed release
5. Notes (metadata)

St. Albans, 1927
Allied Federal Savings and Loan Association of New York, 1958
Sisters Camilla & Adina Thomas' business card
Aggregating the Diverse Histories of Queens, New York
Engaging New Partners to Democratize the Archives

Establishes a pipeline for high quality crowd-sourced donations

Public programs provide unique opportunities for:
Teaching digital literacy
Cross-generational and cross-cultural learning

Diversify staff skills and create opportunities for collaboration by cultivating a deeper understanding of expertise across the organization
Bayside Historical Society, 2014
CUNY Service Corps employees Cori Blanco and Cassia Campbell work with BHS Archivist Alison McKay
Community History Events
Curricular Integration
Independent Volunteers
Organizational Partnerships
Lori Wallach with QL Archivist Ian Lewis
Courtney and Judy Lee
Martha and Robert Oliver, May 2014
St. Albans Community History Event
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