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Evidence-based medicine - Module 4

EBM module for GP Synergy registrars

Michael Tam

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Evidence-based medicine - Module 4

Evidence-based medicine
Module 4
Critical appraisal - Part II
Results and External Validity
Developed by Michael Tam
Last updated: 23 Jun 2014
Thank you using this online EBM teaching resource. This resource was designed for General Practice registrars training through GP Synergy Ltd.
This resource will include the use of readings, video, and tap into the online EBM course produced by the US Cochrane Center.
The total length of this online teaching program is approximately 4-5 hours. It is delivered in modules that can be completed over several sessions.
Task 4.1
P-value and confidence interval
External validity
Module 4
What is the result of the primary outcome in Barbosa-Cesnik et al. (2011)? Answer the questions in your worksheet.
Task 4.4
Use the following article by Guyatt GH, et al (1994) to answer the questions in the worksheet.
edit me
Can cranberry prevent UTIs? [Medical Observer, 19 August 2011]
Task 4.2
Answer the questions in the worksheet while watching the Cochrane online course below.
Task 4.3
Next read the following article from the Center for EBM and answer the questions in the worksheet.
Task 4.5
Use the article by Guyatt GH, et al (1994) to answer the questions in the worksheet.
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