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climate zones of the world

No description

haley steffen

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of climate zones of the world

Tropical Rainforest Climate zones of the world Tropical Rainforest's are very warm and
rain falls yearly of 125 to 660cm. Dense rainforest. type of Vegetation Locations Amazon basin
(South America)
Cango basin
(Africa). Has warm
tempurature through out the year has a dry winter.
Tropical Savanna Characteristics Characteristics Type of Vegitation Grasslands dotted by scattered trees. Example Southern half of Brazil
and eastern
africa. Temperatures
can be warm or mild rainfall low and unreliable. Steppe Characteristics Vegetation Grasses,Shrubs. Example Western Great Plains
(United Sataes) Sahel region
soth of the sahara (Africa). Vegitation Desert Characteristics temperatures can be warm
or miled rainfall very low and very
unreliable. Drought resistant shrubs
and bushes. Example Sonoran Desert (southwetern-
Untied States, Mexico) Sahara (Africa). Characteristics Marine West Coast Cool summers, mild winters
and ample rainfall. Vegitation deciduous or
evergreen forests. Example Northwestern United States;
northwestern Europe. Mediterranean Warm, dry summers; mild
wet winters. Characteristics Vegitation Shrus, low trees, drought-
resistant plants. Example Southern California;
Mediterranean Europe. Humid Subtropical Characteristics Hot, wet summers;
mild, wet winters. Vegitation Mixed forests. Example Southeastern United
States; eastern China. Humid Continental Hot, wet summers;
cold, somewhat wet winters. Characteristics Vegitation Deciferuous Forests. Example Northeastern United
States; eastern Europe;
Western Russia. Subarctic Characteristics Short, mild summers;
cold winters; light precipitation. Vegitation Coniferous forests. Example Most of Alaska, Canada;
and western Russia. Tundra Characteristics Short, cool summers;
long cold winters;percipitation varies. Vegitation Low-lying grasses,
mosses,shrubs. Example Extreme north of North
America; Europe. Characteristics Ice Cap cold all year long. Vegitation None to very little. Example Greenland; Antarctica. Highland Veries depending on local
conditions. Characteriastics Vegitation Changes with
altitude. Example Northern Rocky Moutains
(United States); the Himalaya
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