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My Personal Branding Portfolio

No description

Jenny Martin

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of My Personal Branding Portfolio

My Personal Branding Portfolio
My Past
Me Today
My Future
So... Now that I have shown you my personal portfolio, I ask that you remember me as someone who is faithful and full of imagination.
I am very much a people person and enjoy social community. I have a love for people that is mostly driven by my ability to feel for others and giving them my full attention. I generally have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to social environments and am not afraid to put myself out there. This truth is easily supported by the fact that I possess a special ability of creativity. My potential and a desire to work hard allows me to succeed in a variety of activities. I can have fun with a group, but like to save a little time for myself. In general, my personality has a uniqueness that makes me who I am.
Jennifer Lynn Martin (Jenny)

University Studies of Architecture.
Daughter of Russell and Leah Martin.
Sister of Chris Martin and twin of Jessica Martin.

My Personality
Who am I?
Self Portrait by Jenny Martin.
Why am I in this course?
expand my creativity
gain new ideas
use my imagination
learn from my peers
I have an eye for detail... Led by a newly discovered passion.
I also...
Placed 6th overall at the State gymnastic competition.
Placed 1st at District with my girls track team
in dreams,
My passion in life is to love others as He has loved me. I have passion in Christ and in Christ alone; I will live every day according to his will.
What would
I do, if you knew I could not fail?
I would fly!
I would climb every mountain.
I would invent an energy source that could save our planet from global warming.
I would establish world peace.
It annoys me when...
People give up.
People give little to no effort.
When others stereotype or think they are above others.
I make mistakes.
An empty ice cream carton!
My incredibly flat feet.
The word "hate".
When I am late.
What sets me apart form others...
I am a musician. I have practiced music for seven years. When I play I can feel the music in a way that gives me comfort.
... and I have a desire to put my heart in everything I do. I don't believe in giving up.
I was head drum major in the Tomball High School marching band.
My art made it to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!
Something unusual about me?
I lived overseas in Doha, Qatar for seven years of my life.
This is a painting of mine of a muslim woman in her hijab.
If I could, what would I change about my past?
I would have loved to continue ballet.
I would change the fact that I never got to tell my friends in Doha goodbye.
I would change my major to Visualization.
YES I KNOW. I had a crooked smile. :D
Baby Jenny...
in friends and family relationships,
in a smile that can change a life,
in hope, and most of all love.
I Believe...
"Little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, Sunday school in May, and hay."
-Tom T. Hall
popcorn and M&M's
and baby feet
I Love...
I fear...
losing my voice forever
Zombie apocalypse...
disease and sickness
losing the ones I love
What gives me inspiration?
Old married couples
Walt Disney
Benjamin Knox
Thomas Kinkade
These two to the right are works of my own with the style of Benjamin Knox.
To be a princess for a day!
Travel the world.
Live on top of a hill.
Have the cutest clothes!
A cure to cancer.
If I had a Genie I would wish...
What will
make me happy that you took this course?
If I gain knowledge and tools that can help me in my future career.
Step out of my comfort zone and reach to infinity and beyond!
Successfully find ways to put my creativity to the test.
To prepare me for the future.
Big Audacious Goals!
Graduate from the Visualization Department at Texas A&M.
Work as a Disney Imagineer
Have my name in the PIXAR movie credits.
Find a husband whom I can live my whole life with.
See grizzly bears eat salmon on the river.
Scuba dive.
Sky dive.
Watch baby turtles hatch.
Go on a overseas mission trip.
Bucket List...
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"An Aggie donesn't lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do."
Personal artwork
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