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jaysharie mckenzie

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of GTA

grand theft auto 4 was created by rockstar in april 2008.
the 1st grand theft was released in 1997.

marketing and exchange it was released for x-box and ps3 only. its based on a fictional liberty city, based on morden day new york. All the games in the GTA falily
Grand theft auto
GTA london 1969
GTA london 1961
Grand theft auto 2
Grand theft auto 3
GTA vice city
GTA san andreas
GTA china town wars
GTA the ballad of gay tony
GTA episodes from liberty city
GTA has transformed over the years, the graphics have developed. this was the first ever GTA to be made in 1997. the graphics have a cartoon look as technology wasnt that great yet. this is the latest version of the grand theft auto series2008. you can see how the graphics have evolved and gotten better over the years. grand theft in general is about violence, sex,drugs and money. the character carries out all sorts of organised crimes, and crime/task has to be complete in order to move to the next one. platforms
Gta 4 was created to be played on playstation 3, x-box 360 and on Pc About Grand theft auto GTA 4 the Pc version contained exclusive material that the playstation3 and x-box360 does not contain. technologies sony sony was founded by masaru ibuka and akio morita.
sony was founded in 1946.
They are headquarterd in tokyo.
sony is one of the leading manufactuers of electronics, videos and video games.
sony playstation 3 sony playstation portable ps3 has an online gaming system ps3 was first released in eurpoe on the 23rd march 2007 two models of the ps3 has been made the original then the slim version followed shortly after ps3 is the third home video game consoles to be created by sony the first blu-ray player on the market the slim version was released in september the logo was changed to Ps3 in the first 2 days Ps3 sold out 600,000 units the new features of the slim ps3 were that the system was quieter when the power was on and there was a redesign on the boot up screen the system has builti bluetooth, gigabit, ethernet, usb and HDMI
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