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Mentors & Sponsors

Getting the Advice You Need: Unlock the Secrets of Finding Mentors and Sponsors that Will Change Your World

Admin WHP

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Mentors & Sponsors

Getting the Advice You Need: Unlock the Secrets of Finding Mentors & Sponsors That Will Change Your World The White House Project Pledge Intentionality Authenticity Bold Integrity Connected Who is a Mentor or Sponsor? Who is an Advisor or Champion? What is a Mentor & Sponsor? Mentors (advisors) are people whose highest value is in what they say to you when you're in the room with them. Sponsors (champions) are people whose highest value is what they say about you to other people when you're not in the room.  Making the Ask I will never talk to her... I can't wait to
speak with her! Assess Bridge Close Plan Making the Ask Practice Making the Ask in Groups Renew & Release Solicit Feedback Making it
Win-Win Manage It E-Advisors &
E-Champions Must Do’s & Don’ts
Build an intentional co-advisor relationship
Make sure your work gets noticed by your advisor
Ask for feedback
Don’t sweat it if you get no response
Don’t always agree with your co-advisor
Don’t shy away from conflict or fear being outside your comfort zone Time to Get Real Your Key Takeaway
Make an Advising Commitment NEXT STEPS Commit to one email or in person update every month for 6 months stating your challenge and progress. Keep us posted on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Attend a Go Connect Event Thank You!
Time for Evals! TWHP Confidentiality Form an accountability partner or triad: Do’s: Don’ts: @twhp #ignite #golead Journaling Exercise 1.) Name a few of your challenges and / or skills you want to improve over the next 3 – 12 months 2.) Name a few longer term challenges 3.) List a few of the strengths, skills and/or connections you bring to the table 4.) LIST NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO….
-Have been your manager and/or know your work well
-Know you but don’t know your work or skills
-You believe think favorably of you and your capabilities
-Don’t know you at all or very well, but you want to know you
-Have a skill you want to master/ and or have held a position that you want
-Have power or influence that can get you to your specific goal 5.) If you don’t know someone personally, who does know him or her? Include that connector person in your boxes above. 6.) Select 1 or 2 challenges that are most on your mind at this time. 7.) Consider the people you listed above. Who could most help you with your challenge? 8.) Prioritize your choice(s) and get ready to ask ©2012 The White House Project
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