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Camp Cosby Scrapbook

No description

Colton Taylor

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Camp Cosby Scrapbook

Animal Adapt
At the Animal Adapt there where four animals. The first one was a bearded dragon. The bearded dragon can blow up is beard two times bigger than is face. The next animal was a corn snake. The corn snake lives in the desert where it can blend in. The third animal was a ball python. The ball python can curl up into a ball and that is also how the ball python kills his prey. The final animal was a chinchilla. The chinchilla, when there teeth get to long they naw on wood to sharpen there teeth.
Professor Hike
At the professor hike my trail group got to make up names. I learned when trees are dying they have holes called cavities because of deformation. I also learned that the bark of the tree protects the tree from danger. Kids got to teach kids about what the teacher had told them. There where a line of kids teaching and learning.
Low Ropes
At low ropes there where a lot of activity's that where very fun. We all had to be a team to get through the activity's. One of the activity's was you had a partner and you had to rely on them to hold you up while walking on a wire. Another activity that we did was we had to balance a big board and try to sing twinkle twinkle little star while balancing it. There was also a wall and we had to push everyone up the wall, it was hard trying to push up the heavy people.
In orienting I learned how to work a compass. We went on a scavenger hunt only using out compasses. We had to spell letters out to make a word to do with compasses. I also learned that a metalic force moves the compass arrow. I also learned that I have to put the compass flat in my hand.
In canoeing I learned how to use the paddle the correct way. I also learned the parts of the paddle. There are three parts of the paddle. The top part of the paddle is called the head. The middle of the paddle is called the neck. The bottom part of the paddle is called the blade.
Bird Watching
In Bird Watching I learned other peoples favorite birds. We had to look for them in the book that the teacher gave us. Then when we found the page we got to read and teach about that bird. Next the teacher gave us each a pair of binoculars to look for birds. Finally we sat down and listened to the different bird calls.
Colton Taylor
Camp Cosby Scrapbook
Alpine Tower
Bar Graph Food Waste
The Alpine Tower is a very big tower that has a easy, medium, and hard level. The alpine tower is fifty-five feet tall. You had to wear a harness so that you can be safe climbing up. The people that where holding the ropes and you are called belays. In order to climb the alpine tower you had to say "on belay" they would say "belay is on" then you would say "climbing" then they would say "climb on".
In Astronomy we did a lot of activity's. One of the activity's was called nebula tag. You had to go around tagging people and being to try to form a nebula also known as a new star. Anther cool activity that we did was a space trivia. You had a partner and you had to make a T for true and a F for false. In the space trivia I learned that there are more than 100 moons in our galaxy.
At the campfire the teachers did skits. They also did some songs with motion. Our cabin got to make our own smores. We also got to make the fire to. The campfire was very big and warming.
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