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How to Play League Of Legends

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Jeff Tan

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of How to Play League Of Legends

How to Play League Of Legends by Suhaiel and Jeff
Who are Riot Games?
You will need:
What is League of Legends?
League of Legends is a real time strategy (RTS) and a massive online battle arena (MOBA). It is the most played game currently, with 32 million active users, and 3 million daily. It was made by Riot Games in 2009.
Riot Games are a video game publishing company established in 2006. They are known for their only game, League of Legends.
A good computer
A League of Legends account (we will show you how)
A good internet connection
Enough giga bites to download League of Legends
Enough time, maturity, patience and self discipline to learn the game.
Safety Procedure
- Many people get frustrated over the game and they might make negative comments, if so ignore that player or hide your chat.
- You should know you will see some fantasy violence, you should handle it.
u rack duh disaprine
Things To Know Before You Start
-this guide is made for people how have a basic idea of the game, incase you don't right click is to move, to win a game you need to destroy towers to get into their base to then destroy their nexus which is this:
-The minions spawn from the nexus at
1:30, They go to the each lane you should
generally stay behind to stay safe.
-In earlier stages of the game, focus on
getting the last hit on minions, getting kills on champions and destroying towers.
-Towers are structures that do alot of damage, so dont try to take it out yourself use your minions.
Here are some of the things that we mentioned
Champion Select:

The Map
On the map there is two identical
sides. There are 3 lanes, middle
lane, bottom lane and top lane.
There are 2 jungle sections on
each side and there are 3 jungle
on the top jungle; the wraiths, the elder lizard (known as red buff) and the wolves. On the bottom side there is the wight, the ancient golem (blue buff) and golems. The top river which contains the baron. The bottom river contains the dragon.

Baron and Dragon:
The Roles
In the top lane you will generally have a bruiser/tank this is a champion that can take alot of damage but can deal some out too. Some examples: Irelia, Darius and Ryze. Ryze is shown below.
In the jungle you have a champion who clears jungle camps and helps other lanes with ganks. They go through the side of the lanes to try to kill the enemy and then try to push towards their tower .Some examples are Wukong, Vi and Lee Sin.
The Roles
In The bot lane you have 2 champions, an attack damage carry (adc) and a support. The attack damage carry does its damage through auto attacks and that deals attack damage. The adc increases power dramatically as the game goes on. The support doesnt do nearly as much as damage but instead they build tank items (health, magic resist and armour). They help the adc get stronger by providing heals, shields and crowd control. Some examples of supports are: Thresh, Blitzcrank, Leona and Soraka.
The mid laners are usually mages or assassins. Most deal damage through ability power (ap) while there is a few attack damage mid laners. They are able to deal alot of damage very quickly but they take alot more damage as they generally dont build armor, magic resist or health. Some mid laners are: yasuo, ziggs, ahri and lissandra.
Some adcs are:
Graves, Jinx and

On the map there are man bushes which can make you hidden to enemies not in them. But wards can give you vision without being in them. This is especially important for trying to find enemies so you can have a knowledge advantage. This will be alot more important the higher rank you get and the more you understand the game.
Step 1:
First ask your parents if you will be able to play and download league of legends. Then check if your computer can handle it. A good place to see that is canyourunit.com.
Step 2
Now register an account on na.leagueoflegends.com
Step 3:
Once you've made your account, go ahead and download the game. This might take a long time.
Step 4:
Once the client is finished downloading sign in using your league of legends account. Make sure your in the right region. For us that would be NA (North America). Now make your in game account.
Step 5:
Play the introduction and tutorial games. After that clicthe play button at the top. Then press CO-OP cs AI. Go on intro difficulty and queue up for a game.
Step 6:
When you find a game press join and you'll join champion select.
Step 7
Durin champion selection there will be a selection of characters that are for starters. Pick one of them and lock in.
For your summoner abilities, pick ghost and heal until you reach a higher rank.
Step 8:
Once you load into the game click on the shop character or the number in the bottom left corner beside your inventory. Buy what is included in the recommended starting items. This will generally serve your needs at the beginning of the game.
Step 9:
Walk into your lane and wait at your turret (purple or blue structure, look on your mini-map for help). At 1:30 the minions will spawn and they will reach your lane.
Step 10:
You will see your enemy, either attack him/her or stay back and try to attack the minions. Try to get the last hit on other teams minions, if you do you will recieve a certain amount of gold, which you can then use to buy items which have more stats and cost more.
Step 11:
The laning phase will last for about 10-15 minutes. Usually after that your team will group up in the middle lane. This is to push and destroy the turrets. The enemy team will probably do the same so it is a good idea to have more ideas like split pushing. With split pushing you will have one person go top or bot lane (blue arrows). They're
goal is to push another lane
while the rest of the team
is busy handling the people in
mid lane. If they send people
to deal with the split pusher, then
that leaves the mid lane to be
Step 12:
At this point you should have a couple of late game items. So now you should focus on taking major objectives. These include but are not limited to dragon, baron, towers and vision. The dragon is a jungle monster that spawns in 2:30, and the dragon should be easy to kill in the 20 minute area of the game. The dragon will give you 100 per player on your team. It then re spawns in 6 minutes. Baron Nashor more commonly known as Baron is a jungle camp boss located in the top river. It is the strongest jungle camp and it should not be attempted by 1 person. You should try to take it around 30 minutes within the game and with your team. Baron will grant a buff that increases mana regeneration, cool down reduction, 40 ability power, 40 attack damage and increased health. If a player dies with the buff the buff is lost. Killing Baron also grant 300 gold per player.
Step 13:
After gaining all the objectives the game will be won by who ever is the strongest or who ever makes the smarter decisions. Most games end when there is a team fight in the mid lane very late in the game.
If this happens the team will push and destroy the nexus. So if you are behind play safe so that doesn't happen. If you do this you will generally win.
Step 14:
After playing multiple games you should reach level 3. So if you are up to the challenge, go ahead into pvp where you will go 5v5 against other players.
Tips and Notes
Don't be afraid to try out different item builds, use what works best for you
League of legends guides are everywhere on the internet so you always have a place to go if you feel lost
The League of Legends pro scene is becoming more popular everyday and it is soon being considered a sport. If you want to watch the pros play go on twitch.tv/riotgames
If someone is bothering you simply ignore them using the speech bubble beside their name when pressing the tab button.
Try out different champions and roles and see what you like the best. But it is important that you learn how to play all of them.
Don't play for too long, if you are frustrated take a shower, go for a jog, take a nap or anything that will refresh you and put you in a better mindset.
If you are getting annoyed at someone don't express your anger at them. That will only make them play worse
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