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Single Camera Production

No description

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Single Camera Production

Single Camera Production
A serial is a TV programmes that is another word for 'Soap Operas'
One off
One offs are TV episodes that are made for a certain event the one time.

What is single camera production?
A single camera production is a single camera using different technical equipment, narrative structures, formats and genres to create TV programmes.
A series is a certain number of episodes that don't necessarily need to be watched in order.
Bad education
Series can be any genre from...
Bad Education!
An example of a comedy series would be...
why is Bad education a
It has 6 episodes
The story line doesn't follow through to the next episode.
Doesn't necessarily need to be watched in chronological order.
It follows Todorov's theory
Todorov's theory:
Episode 1:
Stage 1: Alfie gets told that the kids in his class are failing his lesson.

Stage 2: He has to try to tell the kids parents at parents evening that their kid is failing his lesson

Stage 3: Alfie takes responsibility for the fact that the kids are failing his lesson.
Vladimir Propp created a narrative structure for characters
False hero
The villain in a TV show is a person who causes trouble and mayhem among the storyline. They strongly dislike the hero.
They're mainly drama's

Realistic story lines to relate to the audience.

Every episode ends with a cliff hanger.
The Royal Family

The hero is the problem solver who saves the princess and everyone else from the villain.
Is the damsel in distress, who needs rescuing from the hero.
False Hero
The False hero is the person who is shown as the possible hero with his good side, when in actual fact he's not the actual hero.
The person who gives the hero some words of wisdom or something to help them on their quest.
The person who doesn't have much knowledge of the situation, but sends the hero off with little or false knowledge.
Helps the hero on his quest.
Propp's theory relates to single camera production because most single camera productions such as series and serials use the technique to create interesting characters which sets up exciting story lines to attract an audience.
Because serials are realistic they do not contain any flash backs or flash forwards.
Flash backs: A technique used to go back in time and show what did happen.
Flash forwards: Another technique used to go into the future to show what is going to happen.
When asking the audience what kind of single camera productions do they prefer, most of them said...
They prefer comedy series!
Thank You for listening :D
What will you learn today?
Today I will be telling you what single camera production is.

Explaining to you what Series, Serial and one off's are.

What the audience prefer on TV.

Propp and Todorov's theory.

Phil Mitchell
Doctor Who
Sansa Stark
Rose Tyler
They can be any type of genre.
The royal family is a comedy series that mainly do one off's around Christmas time. They're a comedy because the purpose is to entertain their audience.
One off's are genuinely for
A programmes birthday
Christmas special
New years special
Why is bad education a comedy?
Bad education was made to entertain their audience. They use humerus story lines and interesting characters to entertain and attract their audience. Compared to a horror, a comedy has brighter and more colourful lighting where's a horror has more of darker lighting.
Eastenders is a drama. It is a drama because the story lines used create tension between the characters.
Stage 1
Everything is all calm and then a problem arises.
Stage 2
The problem is addressed by the characters.
Stage 3
The problem is solved and everything is calm again.
Todorov's theory
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