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Alice Lee

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Project

Psychological classification of different individuals
statements or questionnaires
Identify personality characteristics
A study by American management society shows that 39% of companies used personality tests for hiring
Sales people, college students, lawyers amongst others

Two Types of tests
Projective - assess how individuals respond to ambiguous stimuli
Objective - use self-report questions to assess personality

Study of colour as determinant of human psychology

How people are affected by colour varies from person to person

Colour based personalitytest - Colour quiz
Colour psychology
Based on the research by Dr. Max Luscher
Tests on how color affects behavior
Based on fundamentals in basic psychology
Certain colours can cause an emotional response in people
Color Personality Test
The Luscher Color Test
A tool for measuring the person's psychological state based on his or her color preferences
First Color
Second Color
Current physical, mental, emotional status
Third Color
Goals, Visions, Hope in the future
Choose Red First
Choose Red Second
Choose Red Third
Choose Brown First
Choose Brown Second
Choose Brown Third
Choose Yellow Second
Choose Yellow Third
Choose Yellow First
Choose Green Third
Choose Green Second
Choose Green First
Choose Blue Third
Choose Blue Second
Choose Blue First
Choose Black Second
Choose Black Third
Choose Black First
Choose Violet Second
Choose Violet Third
Choose Violet First
Choose Grey First
Choose Grey Second
Choose Grey Third
Organized and detail-oriented
Strong in taking decisions
Feel they give more than get back
Avoid conflicts
Not fast on compromises
Take reckless and foolish decisions if their plans fail
Social and outgoing
Open, involved in what they are doing
Their activities are productive
Seek for love and support by helping others
Lack confidence
Main Differences and Similarities
Great need for attention, approval and recognition

Self centred

Easily offended
Do not like compromises

Failures lead to aggression

Live their lives in more practical way
Achieve more taking compromises

Recover faster and easier from failure

Rely on love and affection
Women are more sensitive and apprehensive than men
Men are more emotionally stable, conscious and dominant
Minimal of same characteristics shared between males and females
Two common characteristics for male and female are need for attention and recognition
Women's characteristics from results : insecure, low motivation, social and outgoing
Men's characteristics from results : poor organization, compassionate, confident in making decisions

Alice Lee
Dzjena Karic
Irene Kiitam
Palak Monga
Segel Jacob

Passionate person
Out standing
Sociable and creative personality
need stimulate and motivate
Excercise needed
Be realistic
Focus on now
Take a chance
Optimistic and sensitive
Brave or not shy
Sociable and extroverted
Needs to be calm
Has characteristic of both Red and Yellow
Act impulsively
Needed to act with prudence
Reasonable, Logical, Assessed
Think that you should hold prominent position
Needs to be realistic
Have ideas before people are ready to accept them
Need to be open minded
Be positive and practical

Well balanced
Always think before acting
Lack of self-start ability
Emotional wounds cause apprehension, disillusionment, jealousy and loneliness
Needed to have activities with others
Be merciful
Needed to get out of sense of loss or loneliness
Mild and gentle
Consider honesty and veracity to be important
Observed to be silent
Needs to be secular
Needs to realize what really matters
Find balance so that everything goes smoothly
Creative thoughts and ideas
Always calm and composed
Handling problems realistically
Needed to keep distance from friends
Always challenging yourself
Interested in mysterious and spiritual things
Adapts rapidly to the situation
Good analytical skills
Lack of self-esteem
Needs to be confident
Needs to compromise
Luscher Color Quiz Instruction
Examine the colors under good light.
It is important, based on numerous tests that one considers the exact colors as shown and not an imagined lighter or nicer color.
Each color has to be individually selected.
Under no circumstances can two or more colors be selected together as a nice color combination.
The colors cannot be chosen for clothes, curtains, cars etc.
We hypothesized that men and women have distinguishing characteristics. We felt that men are more organized and practical. They are less emotional and more prone to aggression.
Women were believed to be more sociable and take into account the emotional dimensions of any problem which helps them cope with problems in an effective manner.
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