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Treasure Island


Pelayo,Silvia,Aitana 2ºA

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Treasure Island

Chapter 10 Chapter 1 The begining of the travel Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Ben Gunn Chapter 8 Jim is kidnapped Back to house Jim Hawkins' Adventure Treasure Island Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Chapter 9 Chapter 1: A new host
Chapter 2: Pirates arrive
Chapter 3: Long John Silver
Chapter 4: The beginning of the travel
Chapter 5: The mutiny
Chapter 6: Ben Gunn
Chapter 7: The battle in the stockade
Chapter 8: Jim is kidnapped
Chapter 9: Treasure hunt
Chapter 10:Back to house A new host Once upon time, Jim Hawkins was working at his father inn, Almirant Benbow, when a new host arrived. He was a frightening and drunk man, he took an old sea chest with him. He was called Billy Bones. Pirates arrive One day, a pirate, Black Dog, went to the inn to fight with Billy. After it, Billy Bones told Jim that he knew where the Captain Flint's (an infamous pirate) treasure was. Blind Pew, another pirate, arrived to the inn and gave the Black Spot to Billy, this means that he will die if he didn't give the treasure map to a group of pirates. Long John Silver When the pirates killed Billy Bones, Jim took the treasure map and gave it to Dr Livesey and Squire Trelawney. They decided to hire a crew and a ship to find the treasure. The crew's cook was Long John Silver, an strange and misterious man that looked like a pirate. The battle in the stockade Jim went to the ship to find victuals, and there he found two pirates. He fought with them and killed them. When he went back to the stockade where the honest men were, he only found the rest of the pirates. Most of the ride was quiet and everyone was happy, but one day Jim listened Silver trying to convince a man to betray the rest of the crew. The mutiny Jim told the captain that Silver thought betray at landfall to get the treasure. They were coming to land and the captain had to make a decision. Meanwhile, Silver started killing honest men. Jim escaped from the battle into the woods and met Ben Gunn, a man of Flint's crew already tried to retrieve the treasure before, and he decided to help Jim and the crew to overcome the pirates. Long John Silver discovered Jim in the stockade and kidnapped him. The pirates wanted to kill Jim, but Silver rescued him saying that he will testify on his favor in court. Treasure Hunt Jim has also promised Silver not to try to escape. Then the pirates set off to find the treasure whit him. When they went to the place where was supposed of the treasure was buried, it was not there, and Silver betrays to the pirates. Later Jim discovered that Ben had the treasure, and the map of the pirates was false. On the way to house, Silver promised to be an ally, but when they stopped in a South American port, Silver escaped with a part of the treasure and all people was happy to be rid of him so easily. They returned to England, but Jim admits that he still dreams with it.
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