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No description

Shaun Vella

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Structure

Sales & Marketing new structure
Main objective:
Building a solid & successful
Sales & Marketing team

Development of skills map
Development of new department structure
Introduction of regional commercial directors
Introduction of new staff/vacancies
Development program for individual talent

All of you are vital to achieve customer delight and business success
is impossible without change
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

We are the environment - Lets be conscious about it and drive to make it positive


Foster a strong team spirit - acceptance and tolerance of differences in perspectives and working styles - We need to realize that we all are working for the same goal and that there is no I in team
in Sales

Leadership - Value experiences
Led teams of 500+ employees
Transformational Leadership qualities

Leadership - Value experiences
Led teams of 350+ employees
Sales force development
Employee Engagement

Over 85 years of research shows that there are 12 expectations, that when fulfilled at work, form the foundation of strong feelings of satisfaction by employees

Companies who have satisfied and engaged employees have less staff turnover, higher growth, better productivity, and better customer loyalty
Engagement Needs

Materials and Equipment
Opportunity to do what I do best
Recognition of good work
Someone at work cares about me
Encourages my development
Opinions count
Associates Committed to quality
Best Friend
Learn and Grow
Engagement opportunities within sales & marketing

Management Support
IDP - Individual Development Plans

Individualized development plan for all team members to help you reach your full potential and foster your talent
Sales skills map
Marketing skills map

Support Skills Map
Engagement Hierarchy

Strengthening the core of the department to cater for:
Complexity of the markets
Increasing volume of existing business
New business opportunities
Top line sales and marketing strategy
Strong and effective Leadership

Pro activity is the key to achieve the vision of growth

Change of the department is part of an ongoing change within the whole organization.

Departmental Key Opportunities
New Addition

Export Sales Manager

Kurt Hili - 5 + years sales and brand experience with leading local FMCG companies - B. Com Hons Marketing

Open Opportunities

New Business Development Manager
Route to Market Manager
Key Account Manager
Export Sales Manager
Territory Development Manager
Brand Manager

Technical Value Experiences
Developed global technical Skills and knowledge in both sales & marketing in complex and sophisticated markets
Technical - Value Experiences
Global sales management
Business Development
Route to market expertise
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