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Classroom Expectations Team 7-1 Math: Mr. Wing

Below is a summary of the classroom expectations for your 7th grade math classroom experience.

Paul Wing

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Classroom Expectations Team 7-1 Math: Mr. Wing

Classroom Expectations: Mr. Wing Pre-algebra
Course Overview
Big Ideas - MATH
For a FULL listing of the binder sections visit the
X2 Student Portal
located under the student tab off the Parker School Webpages, look under
Group Resources, Important Resources and Documents.

CORE Subject 3 Ring Binder (2"-3" suggested): 4 tabs for each subject.

Daily supply of Pencils, Erasers & Red Pens for correcting.

Yellow/Blue/Green Highlighters.


Calculator - TI 30.
Daily Supplies:
Classroom Rules and Expectations
Hallroom Sign-out sheets - you
to sign out everytime you leave the classroom.
Behavior Guidelines.
Grading Policy
Homework Policies
Guidelines for Classroom Assignments
to record your daily homework assignment in and student daily planner.
ALL assigments
to include your
Name, Classroom Color
show ALL of your work steps for each problem in order to receive full credit on assignments
All homework/classroom assignments
to be on computation paper.
ALL of your work
to be organized and legible.
With the exception of absence, homework assignments are expected to be completed on time (as given by the teacher).
Late work is accepted only after a discussion with the teacher and within the same unit of study.
Your grade will be reduced 10 pts for each day late.
It is expected that students will complete their own work and accept responsibility for the accurate and timely completion of all

Retaking Test and Quizzes
Studies have proven that allowing students the opportunity to complete enrichment work will
Help to further their understanding of the subject,
Help to earn extra classroom points on their final grade.
Offer fun and creative alternative projects to work on for our class.
Enrichment Activities
Extra Help
Extra Help is available EVERY DAY (unless posted otherwise) starting at 7:30 a.m.
One on one help is available by
either at 7:00 a.m or after-school.
Here is a brief summary of some of the topics we will be covering in our classroom this year:
Rational Numbers
Expressions and Equations
Ratios and Proportions
Constructions and Scale Drawings
Circles and Area
surface Area and Volume
Probability and Statistics

Homework is a way of practicing skills and reviewing concepts.
You can expect to have homework at least 4 times a week.
Homework/Classroom assignments will be posted both daily in the classroom and on my webpage.
ALL Homework
be completed using the math computation sheets available in class and on the
X2 Student Portal..
Students can REDO/RETAKE ANY TEST for additional credit.
However, you NEED to have:
Original assessment signed by a parent/guardian.
Come for extra help session prior to retake.
Retake assessment within 3-4 days.
Tests/Mid-Chapter Quizzes/Projects - 45%
Mini Quizzes - 25%
Homework/Classroom Assignments - 15%
Class Participation - 15%
Enrichment Work is available EITHER using
the X2 Student Portal (see Group Resources)
or by asking Mr. Wing

Extra Help ==> Hours Posted on my web page each week
To Review the full list of Behavior Guidelines go to the X2 Student Portal and review the
Behavior Guidelines
under Group Resources.. Important Classroom Resources and Documents
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