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EVHCC Presentation - June 6, 2012

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Eric Diaz

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of EVHCC Presentation - June 6, 2012

Hispanic Social Trends 2. Hispanic Online Listening Insights 4. Blog Strategies Brands and organizations are able to broadcast their message, event, or brand name effectively to the Hispanic community through a network of Latino bloggers that communicate daily with this audience. 5. Culturally Targeted Web Design DK/SMS Leaders Eric Diaz (Principal) Nastasha Pongonis
(Social Media Director) Natasha is a social media and business communication expert with extensive international marketing experience. Being fluent in four languages - English, Spanish, French & Italian – enables her to reach our and connect with a diverse digital audience across the globe. A native of Argentina, she has worked with companies in Europe, North and South America developing a strong sense of understanding companies’ needs.

Natasha completed her Architectural degree at the Catholic University of Argentina and her thesis studies at the University of Venice, Italy. Now, settled in the beautiful city of Columbus, her time outside the office is mostly spent with her lovely family. However, she does continue to hunt for a good excuse to get back on her high heels while refusing to become a stereotypical mini-van-mom. Eric leads the Social Media Spanish team by focusing on the needs of the client in order to deliver the best long-term solution through his creative team. He credits his years working across continents for the corporate giant Staples, Inc. as the guiding path to his strong project management ability. To stay on top of the newest trends in bilingual social media marketing Eric participates in online conversations, researches best practices and industry trends, and discusses the newest wrinkles in social media programming & development.

A veteran of several office environments, Eric enjoys the fact that he can finally justify spending his day on Facebook. Eric holds an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston and obtained a business degree in Marketing from Fisher college at The Ohio State University. Brands attract and engage the Hispanic market through social media including Facebook and Twitter. 1. Social Media Campaigns Many brands and organizations are utilizing paid digital ads to quickly reach their goals of impressions and new fans. 3. Digital Advertising presented by:
Eric Diaz - DK Web Consulting
Ruben Hernandez - FACIL Marketing Questions? Hispanics are heavy users
of social as well Marketing to Hispanics through Social Media: Prosperous Partnership or Resources Rathole? Adapting a website to target Hispanics is becoming more common. acido folico Hispanic Online Listening Insights
Case Study: Super Bowl XLVI 4. Blog Strategies Case Study: Maseca uses a team of bloggers to communicate with a larger Hispanic audience Social Media Applications
and Page Customization New Facebook Timeline Feature Featured Clients Phoenix, AZ Miami, FL Columbus, OH New York, NY Case Study: Social Media engagement using Facebook 1. Social Media Campaigns 1. Social Media Campaigns Fans Appreciating the Castrol Brand Case Studies National Influenza Vaccination week 2011 Blog Campaign
CDC Daily Social Media Twitter Contest Awareness Facebook Facebook Promotion Case Study
CDC Daily Social Media Estrellas de la Salud Custom Tab Case Study FACIL Leaders Ruben Hernandez RUBEN HERNANDEZ is an award-winning writer, editor, and media consultant with DK Web Consulting. He began his journalism career with New Times Weekly in Phoenix as a staff writer. He worked for a decade covering the Border and Mexico for Gannett Newspapers, as an assistant city editor/investigative reporter for the Naples Daily News (Scripps Howard) in south Florida, as a writer for the Phoenix Business Journal in Phoenix, and until February 2009, as editor of Latino Perspectives magazine in Phoenix. He has written many freelance articles and columns for magazines, and founded several magazines and weekly newspapers. Hernandez also has extensive experience in the marketing/PR field/broadcasting fields, having been a PR director or consultant for several social-service agencies; as well as an agency senior account executive; an agency vice president for multicultural markets; and a co-founder of agencies in Phoenix.

His experience includes media production, General and Latino Market PR, and magazine operations. He has coordinated copy and content for press releases, PSAs, advertising, newsletters, video, TV, radio, and Website projects. Additional experience includes developing engaging content for social media strategies. His clients have included the Phoenix Police Department, One Arizona Latino Voter Registration campaign, Turf Paradise horse-racing venue, Arizona State University School of Music, and New York Life Insurance Company. Outline • Hispanic digital usage trends and statistics

• Top 5 Tactics marketers use to connect with Digital Latinos

• Social Media ROI Social Media ROI • $1,000 in does not equal $2,000 out

• Social Media is not a short term solution

• Looking for quick return, probably better off investing elsewhere What does Social Media Cost? $2,000 - $5,000 is average range
• Daily postings relevant to the audience
• Daily listening and response with fans Social Media ROI

• Customers appreciate being listened to – and talking back
• Better customer service
• Hispanic fans become brand ambassadors
• Long-term consumer versus one-time buyer
• Fan input on new products, services before launch - Hispanics 68% more likely than the general market to watch videos online. Hispanic Stats - Hispanics 17% more likely than the general market to have a personal blog. Hispanic Stats - Hispanics are brand-friendly, 25% more likely to follow a brand than the general market. Hispanic Stats - Hispanics are heavy users of mobile.
941 text messages per month (leads all groups)
13 calls per day (40% over general market) Hispanic Stats 8.1 Million Hispanics
on Twitter 13.5 Million 13.5 Million US
Hispanics on Facebook. 65% of Hispanics use mobile
to access the internet. Hispanic Stats Source: Strategic Sense Source: Nielsen Source: Nielsen Source: Nielsen Source: Nielsen Source: Social Media Spanish Source: Social Media Spanish Source: Social Media Spanish Source: Social Media Spanish Which food commercial got
the most hype? Top brands use free and
paid software to listen to
what Hispanics say online
and via social media about
their products and brands. Hispanic Online Listening Insights
Case Study: Super Bowl XLVI Name preference among Hispanics for Chevrolet vs. Chevy Hispanic Online Listening Insights
Case Study: Super Bowl XLVI Tools for online listening Several examples of Hispanic social media campaigns Example Ads 3. Digital Advertising Google Ad Linkedin Ad Facebook Ad Twitter Promoted Account Twitter Promoted Tweet Case Study: With the help of ads, the CDC Hispanic campaign has grown to 18K Facebook fans and 24K Twitter followers. 3. Digital Advertising 4. Blog Strategies Benefits of a blog strategy include:
• Amplified reach
• Reputation building
• SEO 5. Culturally Targeted Web Design Culturally relevant does not mean Spanish necessarily Case Study: Orgullosa Website, by P&G 5. Culturally Targeted Web Design Sometimes only a Spanish landing page is needed Case Study: AAA Arizona Social Media ROI Social Media is the vehicle, not the destination. Social Media ROI Whether a billboard or a Facebook page,
Impressions are Impressions. Social Media ROI Listen and apply learnings from social media to every department. • External is more cost effective to a point
• Hector from Accounting should not do Social! Internal or External resources
for Social Media? Social Media ROI Social Media builds your
brand's reputation. Top 5 Tactics marketers use to connect with Digital Latinos. presented by:
Eric Diaz - DK Web Consulting
Ruben Hernandez - FACIL Marketing
hernandez@dkwebconsulting.com Questions Use your Twitter account
to post any questions using: #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc #evhcc presentation available at: www.facebook.com/dkwebconsulting Return on Relationship Source: Pew Research
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